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Sinha, Ruchi
Designation Associate Professor
Affiliation Centre for Criminology and Justice, School of Social Work

M.Phil. (JNU)
Ph.D. (JNU)

Areas of Interest

Human Rights: Contextualising Human Rights in the Neo-liberal Agenda, Human Rights & Access to Justice and Evaluating Human Rights Standards

Criminology: Police System and Corruption, Biased Policing, Community Policing, and International Policing, Crime Policy in Developing Nations, Mass media’s role in amplifying crime and deviance, Crime in the public policy arena and role of evidence based policy-making and practice, Crime Desistance, Corrections and Re-entry, Disparities In Criminal Justice Processing, Terrorism, Insurgency and Extremism and Social Construction of Social Problems and Deviance as well as Crime Theory

Criminal Justice System: rehabilitation of persons in commercial sexual exploitation, anti-trafficking, social work intervention in criminal justice, implementation of correctional laws.

Juvenile Justice: work with youth offenders, understanding infanticide and abortion within the juvenile justice paradigm and juveniles in conflict with law.

Violence: Structural Violence and States response to Violence, Public health and Violence.

Social Work: Political Economy of Welfare & Theories and Practice of Social Work, Criminal Justice Social Work


Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminology trends and perspectives, Criminal Justice System in India, Juvenile Justice and Youth in Conflict, Issues and Legislations related to Children and Youth, Criminal justice and Correctional Social Work, Correctional policies and Institutions and Human Rights & Access to Justice

Social Work: History and ideologies of Social Work , Perspectives of Social Work


Visiting Faculty (2011), Social Work, University of Goteborg