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  • The Kumarappa Reckless Lecture on '#Us Too: The Human Rights Challenge of Child and Youth Migration TodayRead More

  • National Seminar On Ideas, Peoples and Inclusive Education in India TodayRead More

  • International Conference on Inclusive EducationRead More

  • DTSA National Seminar on Livelihoods & Skills for Progress in IndiaRead More

  • Workshop Scholarships for PhD studentsRead More

  • National Seminar on 'Experiences, Aspirations and Struggles: New Middle Class in Indian Cities'Read More

  • National Conference on Disability, Accessibility, Inclusion and WellbeingRead More

  • Planet Politics: A series of public events on nature, society, and animalsRead More

  • International Conference on Disability Rights, Accessibility & Inclusion in IndiaRead More

  • National Conference on Indigenous Epistemology: Perspectives from Within; 10-11 Sept 2018Read More

  • IASSW - World Census of Social Work Education Programs - 2020 DirectoryRead More

  • National Workshop on Academic writtingRead More