Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice (RCJJ)

Locations: Maharashtra (Amravati, Mumbai, Mumbai- Sub, Pune, Thane, Yavatmal)

Sponsor: TISS

Team photo 10/2017 

Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice (R.C.J.J) is a Field Action Project (FAP) with the Centre for Criminology and Justice (CCJ), School of Social Work (SSW), TISS (TISS). R.C.J.J was conceptualized in 2005, with the objective of working on issues relating with children with a special focus on Juveniles in Conflict with Law (JCL), and contextualizing them within the child protection arena. Focus on JCL’s was due to the fact that JCL’s over the years were pushed to the fringes within the larger arena of child welfare, development, protection, and legal sector. R.C.J.J hence took up the challenge of mainstreaming the issue of Juvenile Justice at large and with respect to JCL’s in particular by highlighting work on both the social and legal issues. To begin with, R.C.J.J with the support of TISS undertook a research study titled ‘Status of Justice Delivery System for JCL’s in Maharashtra’ in 2008. The study was conducted with due permissions from the Bombay HC and the W&CD, Government of Maharashtra (GOM). The final report was submitted to the Hon’ble Bombay HC in the year 2009. The study elucidated many concerns regarding JCL’s and their situation with respect to the functioning of the W&CD , judiciary, police, legal aid. This evidence based research was well received by the Bombay HC and it resulted in the much required systemic interventions in various departments related to JJS. Following which, work was initiated in two districts of Maharashtra –Thane (Urban based) and Yavatmal (Rural based). Both these districts have a distinct profile in terms of urban and rural reach. The aim was to begin work from within institutions and then initiate change at district level which in turn could be expanded at the state level.

RCJJ's Annual reports

1) Annual report 2009- 10 (Download)

2) Annual report 2010- 11 (Download)

3) Annual report 2011- 12 (Download)

4) Annual report 2012- 13 (Download)

5) Annual report 2013- 14 (Download)

6) Annual report 2015- 16 (Download)

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