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Established in the year 2013, the School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) has a mandate to create a cadre of public policy professionals who through their multi-disciplinary training respond to current challenges and incubate ideas to proactively meet future demands. The school provides interdisciplinary foundational training in Ethics and Policy, Economics (including econometrics), Law, Political Science, and Sociology.  It encourages students to be reflexive in developing institutional designs that can transform public services.

With a firm grounding in these core courses, students are expected to choose and specialise in specific Policy Area Concentrations (henceforth PACs). Concentration areas offered for the 2017-19 batch include:

  • Regulation and Institutional Reform
  • Urbanisation
  • Social Conflict and Public Policy.

 The archetypal SPPG graduate – whichever be her chosen policy concentration - is led through a combination of classroom and hands-on experiential learning methods. These skills equip students to develop models and frameworks for accountable governance ...

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The research agenda of the School is organised around three Policy Area Concentrations, namely - Regulation and Institutions, Urbanisation and Social Conflict and Public Policy.

Policy Area Concentrations

The Policy Area Concentration on Regulation and Institutions works against the backdrop of a multi- dimensional shift in policy making under the new ...