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The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is an Independent Centre at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The Institute is a Deemed University under the relevant provisions of the University Grants commission(UGC).The Centre for Lifelong Learning( established in 1981 as the Department of Extra Mural Studies) was renamed in 2006.

The Mission of the Centre is to work with adult learners who seek to work with the disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society and also to cater to learners who would like to continue their education by taking up professional courses. To this end, it offers One Year, Part-time Diploma Programmes in Gerontology, Counselling, Youth Development & Social Change, and Certificate programmes in Dance Movement Therapy and Geriatric Care.

The CLL also conducts a range of outreach and short-term programmes for professionals, para-professionals and volunteers on diverse themes including Participatory Training Methodology, Art-Based Interventions, Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment, Leadership programmes for Women and Youth and Volunteerism. The thematic contents of these programmes focus upon work-related needs as also self-growth and individual development.

Reaching out beyond the four walls of the University, the CLL partners with civil society organisations in two ways: 1) it offers the Diploma and Certificate Courses mentioned above in collaboration with an implementing partner. 2) Several organisations also seek affiliation for their ongoing programmes with the Centre. These collaborative programmes carry a joint certification of the implementing partner along with the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

The CLL offers a vibrant learning environment for learners of all ages ranging from 18 to 81 years. It is supported by its own faculty, as also from other Schools and Centres of the Institute and visiting faculty from across the best institutions in the country.

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Centre Chairperson, Prof. Nasreen Rustomfram talks about the centre's activities

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