International Relations Office

Incoming Student Exchange Programmes

TISS receives a number of international students (self and sponsored) under short-term exchange programmes for Coursework, Fieldwork/ Research Affiliation/ Project Work or both. The following steps and rules are followed for ensuring that the incoming students fulfil their credit requirements as well as make the best of their time at the institute.


  • The incoming students coming through regular exchange programmes or independently will be invited to attend coursework at TISS as per the mutual agreement between the universities or as communicated by IRO.
  • TISS follows semester system for teaching. Our academic semesters I & III commence from mid June to mid October and the II & IV semester from mid November to end of March.
  • All interested students have to submit the completed Short-term Application Form (link) to register at IRO.
  • The selected students will be required to register before the commencement of the respective semester to be able to attend the courses and complete the required credits.
  • An incoming exchange student can choose a variety of courses from different programmes (across schools) at TISS, provided there is no overlapping in the time-schedules or the selected course is offered in that particular semester
  • The students will be introduced to the respective secretariats through IRO and they have to maintain communication with the secretariats.
  • IRO will provide all the time-schedules (depending on the availability) for the BA/ MA/ MPhil programmes and the courses being offered during the respective semester so as to enable the students to make the course selection.
  • The selection of courses has to be done within a week's/ max. 10 days from the commencement of the classes or students can pre-select courses in advance to ensure their registration and attendance.
  • The students need to fill and submit the IRO Course Selection form, so that details can be provided from IRO to the concerned secretariats.
  • The student can choose to audit/ credit a particular course(s). However, a student will not be allowed to make a change in selection - auditing a credited courses or vice-a-versa after 15 days of commencement of the teaching session.
  • The interested students have to personally meet /contact the respective faculty members for the permission to audit/ credit their classes.
  • For all such credited courses, a student will be required to complete all the assessment units as prescribed. Failure to do so will be communicated to the host university and the student will not be provided any confirmation of credits/ attendance certificate for the same.
  • Once the course has been selected, every student is expected to maintain regularity and 100% attendance for all programme requirements: classroom/ theory courses, field practicum, field trips, internships, etc.
  • No requests for the change in the date of examination or assignment/ or request for withdrawing from the semester will be entertained for students traveling out of Mumbai before commencement of exams/ completion of coursework.
  • Interested students can write to for clarifications regarding enrollment and eligibility.

Fees for Coursework:

  • The fees for coursework (self) - for Developed/ Developing and NRI/ OCI/ POI) Category with fieldwork is - US$ 2000 per semester and for programmes without Field Work is US $ 1800 per semester
  • For Active Exchange students this fee will be waived off if there is active student exchange between TISS and the partner university as defined in the MoU.
  • For sponsored and students from non-partner universities the fees is US $1500 per student/ semester for programmes with and without fieldwork
  • And Fees for US $1000 per student/ semester for SAARC and extra students beyond agreed students in MOU
Fieldwork/ Field Placement:
  • IRO, TISS actively facilitates field placement of international students in local organizations in Mumbai / India based on their areas of interest.
  • IRO coordinates with the Secretariat of Fieldwork, School of Social Work, TISS to facilitate smooth field placement of international students,
  • The Fieldwork Secretariat helps IRO in locating and finalizing the field placement organization related to the students’ area of interest; introduce the student to the concerned agency; Introduce them to any TISS student placed in the concerned organization; supervise the students in terms of facilitating their learning, growth and addressing their challenges; Actively communicate with the agency key contact persons/ social workers and the concerned students regarding the activities and plans during the field placement and provide any evaluation report, if required by the host university.
  • The names and details of the incoming student is provided to the Field Work Supervisor/ Field Work Secretariat in order to facilitate the placement of the student in their respective areas of interest/ organizations.
  • The student have to directly report to IRO, Field Agency and TISS supervisor for any problems in the field.
  • The incoming students will bear the expenses of their own fieldwork traveling and cost of food etc.
  • The student has to submit a brief report to IRO at the end of their exchange
  • The option of auditing fieldwork is available to student coming for coursework provided it doesn't clash with the time-slots of the other selected courses and they will have to pay the agency honorarium for the same.
  • A detailed report has to be submitted on the completion of the fieldwork/ field placement to IRO.
  • Interested students can write to for clarifications regarding placement and eligibility.

Fees for field placement:

  • The fees for field work/ field placement (max. 4 months) for international students (for developed/ developing countries and NRI/ OCI/ POI category) is US$ 2000 per semester and US$ 1000 for International students from SAARC Countries
  • For Exchange/ Sponsored student this fee will be waived off if there is active student exchange between TISS and the partner university
  • Also, if there are any additional students - other than those part of the mutual agreed MoU from partner universities, they will be required to pay fee of US $2000 applicable to foreign students
Research Affiliation:
  • International students are welcome to affiliate with TISS to complete their research studies/ Project work.
  • TISS has a very impressive team of experienced faculty/ expertise/ that is working on several inter and trans-disciplinary areas of Social Work; Development Studies; Women's Studies; Management and Labour Studies; Social Entrepreneurship; Globalization and Labour Studies; Health Systems Studies; Habitat Studies; Media and Cultural Studies; Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance; Social Sciences; Rural Development; Education and Vocational Education and many other important areas.
  • IRO, TISS extends all possible support to facilitate Research affiliation for international students.
  • The students enrolled for research affiliation will be provided faculty supervision/ guidance from TISS during the period of exchange.
  • The TISS faculty members will provide regular mentoring and inputs to strengthen the research project, provide support to gain access to field, resource persons, contacts etc.
  • The students will submit midterm and end-term progress reports to IRO with the details of their work and faculty supervision
  • IRO can also help in assisting with locating interpreter/ translator to the incoming students

Fees for Research Affiliation:

  • The incoming students from developed/ developing and for NRI/ OCI/ POI category will have to pay the affiliation fees of $ 1100 for 1 semester (max. 4 months).
  • And the affiliation fees will be US$ 750 for SAARC Countries.
  • For Exchange/ Sponsored student this fee will be waived off if there is active student exchange between TISS and the partner university.
  • Also, if there are any additional students - other than those part of the mutual agreed MoU from partner universities, they will be required to fee as applicable to foreign students.
Other Generic Rules pertaining to Short-term incoming students:
  • No student will be admitted to any academic coursework/ field placement or Research affiliation or any other academic affiliation without the knowledge of IRO.
  • IRO will be responsible for providing all important/ relevant instructions and support to the students, with respect to their affiliation, accommodation, airport transfers etc.
  • To facilitate the travel and stay at TISS, IRO will facilitate all logistical arrangements and provide the invitation/ visa letters and letters for the FRRO.
  • IRO will also conduct orientation to academic programmes, campus orientation, Mumbai sightseeing etc for all the incoming students.
  • The incoming students are requested to carry passport size photographs for identity card and FRRO.
  • On campus accommodation is provided to short-term students depending on the availability of accommodation in IRO hostel/ flats.
  • Students admitted to the Institute are requested to observe all the rules and maintain decorum in their behavior at the Institute campuses and during coursework, field work, study tour, rural practicum, relief work, block field work/ internship, etc.
  • Mis-behavior and violation of the rules will attract disciplinary action of fine, suspension/ discontinuation from the hostel and the dining hall, or suspension/ cancellation of their exchange registration as a student of the Institute.
  • Students should be aware of all Rules and Regulations to be followed during the course of stay at the institute stated in the International Students Handbook.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance is required for all taught courses to receive any transcript/ attendance certificate from TISS.
  • Any absence from classes due to illness or any personal reasons has to be communicated to IRO and the respective secretariat/ faculty member.
  • The norms pertaining to regularity in attendance and fulfilling the requirements of the fieldwork are at par with coursework.
  • The student is required to follow the agency norms/ rules of punctuality and complete the assigned work.
  • Fees for the respective programme(s) will be have to be paid within 15 days of the arrival or as communicated by IRO.
  • Failure to pay the required fees will result in fine of US$ 1 per day or cancellation of admission
  • In the event of a student/ candidate withdrawing before the starting of the program/ course/ research affiliation due to personal reasons or due to the failure to procure VISA or any other unforeseen circumstances, a processing fees of $50 of the received fees (if the course fees is less than $500) and 10% of the received fees (if the course fees is more than $500) will be deducted and the rest amount will be refunded to the concerned student through wire - transfer within 45 days.
  • Similarly, in case the student/ candidate is withdrawing within 15 days from the programme after joining the course and if the seat consequently falls vacant the institute shall deduct 50% of the fees paid and the rest amount will be refunded to the concerned student through wire – transfer within 45 days.