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Social Science University


Project Bridge, started by the TISS student community, aims to bridge the gap between the institute and its alumni.

For the longest time, the institute has taken in its stride the idea that education is a human right and it has had a history of holding its door open for students from all walks of life and from all kinds of social backgrounds. For this, the institute has had a stable and operational student’ aid and support system running under the Office Of Students Affair (OSA) and Social Protection Office (SPO) wherein students from disadvantaged backgrounds have been supplemented with financial aid and other supportive mechanisms.

Today, it would not be an overstatement to say that the student aid system at TISS is suffering with an ongoing crisis of lack of funds. The students who are a part of the institute and who wish to be a part of it are the worst hit. It would not be an exaggeration to point out that there are prospective students who are not even applying for programmes at the institute and then are also some current students who are contemplating their future due to concerns around financial support and fee payment.

While, the institute is doing its best to mitigate the crisis and ensure that the afore mentioned events do not happen, it also calls upon all those who have been a part of TISS across the veracities of space and time, from the 1950s to 1970s to 2010s to be a part of this project and its effort to give back something to this place, which has continued to give selflessly for more than eight decades now.

Student Committee

  • Co-Founders
    • Sayyed Manzer
    • Surya Karthik
  • Team 2017-19:
    • Irwin Rodrigues
    • Kanika Srivastava
    • Manash Dehingia
    • Purvash Jha
    • Shubhankar Apte
    • Shruti Sharma
    • Soumi Bhattacharjee
    • Soumaya Kalia
    • Sunaina Tourangbam
    • Suveera Venkatesh
    • Rashika Saini
    • Riya Choudhary
    • Riya Gupta
    • Tuhina Sharma
    • Vaibhav Kohle

  • Team 2018-20:
    • Aakanksha Yadav
    • Deepankar Panda
    • Karthikeyan R
    • Nabeel Thalakkatt
    • Prakriti Singh
    • Sanjyot Jain
    • Shivangi Sharma
    • Shreya Batra
    • Shreyash Kashyap
    • Shrutika Jha
    • Swati Singh
    • Venkata Manideep
  • Photography & Content:
    • Purvash Jha
    • Tuhina Sharma


MAR. 15, 2019

FEB. 01 – 02, 2019

FEB. 15 – 16, 2019

FEB. 10, 2019

JAN. 29 – FEB. 01

DEC. 15 – FEB. 27

Tissians are bold, smart, curious and proud.


The Bridge Team

Regsitered under Office of Students' Affairs

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

V.N. Purav Marg





The amount raised will be segmented as 60:40, the former will be used for disbursement and later will be kept in Corpus account(interest will be accrued on it).

The segmentation will continue until earnings from corpus amount is enough to sustain entire student aid.

The funds will be solely used for student aid and no other purposes.