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Deputy Director


Santhosh  M. R.

Santhosh M. R.

School of Social Work - Guwahati Campus
Jagannath  Ambagudia

Jagannath Ambagudia

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Independant Centre/Research Unit Chairpersons

R K  Debbarma

R K Debbarma

Unit for Research and Development
Prashant  Kesharvani

Prashant Kesharvani

Centre for Undergraduate Studies


Shivani  Chauhan Barooah

Shivani Chauhan Barooah

Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice
Jennifer  Kipgen

Jennifer Kipgen

Centre for Public Health
Subeno  Kithan

Subeno Kithan

Centre for Sociology and Social Anthropology
Razdan Sarim Rahman

Razdan Sarim Rahman

Centre for Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship
Abhinandan Saikia

Abhinandan Saikia

Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development
V  Sawmveli

V Sawmveli

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Rinya  Pura

Rinya Pura

Centre for Counselling

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