Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Mumbai | Tuljapur | Guwahati | Hyderabad
Prof. Shalini Bharat Director, Vice-Chancellor
Qualification M.A., D.Phil. (Psychology) Allahabad University
Message from Director
Vice-Chancellor, DirectorProf. Shalini BharatWelcome to TISS, a multi-campus, integrated, community engaged public university of India. As students you are now part of India’s foremost social science university founded in 1936 by Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust to create human service professionals for addressing the emerging needs of Indian society. Continuing with that rich legacy, TISS offers some of the most contemporary and socially relevant, globally acknowledged study programs in social sciences and applied human service professions. TISS is among the top 40 Indian universities today and one of the finest in terms of promoting excellence in teaching, research, field/ internship- based learning, and social innovation and social start-ups. Led by its vision of equity and social justice TISS promotes and protects social diversity on campus and takes great pride in its pan-India student and faculty composition. Gradually, the campus is moving towards becoming international too!

TISS faculty are unique in many distinct ways. They are engaged in social research on issues as diverse and as topical as, impact of covid pandemic on mental health of women, children and health providers; water resources management; participatory irrigation management; climate change and action; renewable energy and sustainability; disaster risk mitigation; migration and migrants; women and mental health; human trafficking; disability and access; social impact assessment of state development projects; structural drivers of TB and HIV epidemic and counseling, to name just a few. These researches do not merely generate new knowledge but have important implications for programmatic interventions, advocacy and policy making. TISS faculty is also widely acknowledged for the creation and operation of field action projects (FAPs) as interventions to address challenging social issues facing communities in difficult geographic settings or among the most vulnerable and marginalized population groups or around themes that are both topical and contested. Currently TISS faculty lead 18 such FAPs. Visit the links/ pages to learn more about this interesting body of research and field based work of our faculty.

TISS publications are found in the leading national and international journals and from best known publishers. Besides these publications, TISS faculty are thought leaders in niche areas of social audit, forest and land rights, public policy, decent work, health related stigma, gender diversity, social development and sustainability, urban planning and governance, disaster risk assessment and reduction, digital health and mental health, and so on. A large number of our faculty are part of various advisory boards, think tanks and policy groups of state and central government, civil society groups and national and international NGOs and UN bodies.

TISS provides a conducive and supportive environment for all its students who make life across all the campuses rich and energetic with their scholastic acumen, lively discussions and debates, and abounding creativity, talent and zest for life!

Welcome once again to a journey through TISS!!