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26/11 - Memories, Hope and Way Forward
This exhibition is designed as a journey across space and time to shed light on the realities of the lives of terror survivors. It is a holistic exploration of terror survivors’ lived experiences beginning with a depiction of the most impacted groups both on a global and national scale. This exhibition focuses on 26/11 as the primary terror event to capture the everyday lived realities of terror survivors a decade ater the event.
Offers an overview of terror events and their consequences for people as well as a closer look at 26/11, its memorialization as well as memorialization of other terror events in India.
Artistic depictions of the lives of survivors in the aftermath of 26/11 that is overlaid with their voices to best portray their aspirations, memories and hopes.
The final stretch explores the rights and entitlements of survivors both on a national and international level. This is followed by a brief look on the way forward to best ensure the holistic recovery of survivors.
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