Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI
Prof. D. P. Singh
Prof Shalini Bharat
25.09.2018 - 25.09.2023
Prof. S. Parasuraman
16.08.2004 - 05.02.2018
Prof. R. R. Singh
01.08.2000 - 11.06.2004
Prof. Partha N. Mukherji
01.03.1996 - 01.11.1999
Prof. (Miss) Armaity Desai
01.11.1982 - 07.02.1995
Prof. M. S. Gore
27.07.1962 - 28.06.1982
Prof. A. R. Wadia
01.05.1953 - 31.05.1962
Prof. J. M. Kumarappa
01.07.1941 - 31.05.1953
Prof. Clifford Manshardt
22.06.1936 - June 1941

Dr Asheesh Navneet
Assistant Professor , Tuljapur campus
School of Rural Development
Prof. Ashwani Kumar
Professor , Mumbai campus
Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development, Centre for Electoral Management Studies , School of Development Studies
Prof. Avatthi Ramaiah
Professor , Mumbai campus
Dean, Equal Opportunity Center,
Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies
Ms Avisikta Basu
Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus
Centre for Undergraduate Studies
Dr B Prasad
Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus
Assistant Professor, Centre for Labour Studies and Social Protection, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Prof. B. Manjula
Professor , Mumbai campus
Chairperson, Centre for Science, Technology and Society, School of Habitat Studies
Professor, Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, School of Habitat Studies
Dr Babasaheb Kazi
Associate Professor , Tuljapur campus
Associate Professor, School of Rural Development
Prof. Bal Nagorao Rakshase
Professor , Mumbai campus
Chairperson, Centre for Library and Information Management,
Centre for Health Policy, Planning and Management , School of Health Systems Studies
Mr Bhavesh N. Patel
Assistant Librarian , Mumbai campus
Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library , Centre for Library and Information Management
Dr Bibhu Prasad Nayak
Associate Professor , Hyderabad campus
Chairperson, School of Public Policy and Governance

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