The TISS has always maintained a firm commitment to excellence, specifically in terms of relevance to

  1. the wider external context, and
  2. the professional future of its students.
All teaching programmes conducted by TISS are socially relevant, contributing to building a just and equitable society. The TISS has a 100% placement record across all programmes. This commitment is strengthened by way of taking the following initiatives / steps in this direction:

  • Periodic curricular review through School Boards and other committees that have been constituted for this purpose. The School Board is empowered to review the curriculum at the end of every academic year.
  • Enhancing links with both the profit and not-for-profit sectors to develop ongoing interface mechanisms that ensure that continuous feedback on teaching and training helps the Institute keep pace with external trends in the field.
  • Promoting events and forums such as seminars, conferences and meetings that bring together students and teachers with practitioners in the field to exchange ideas and information that can strengthen relevance.
  • Creating a vibrant and active alumni network that can enable TISS to link with alumni in the field and create spaces and opportunities for them to strengthen teaching and research at TISS through regular feedback. The TISS has started to intensify its interface with its alumni, through an Alumni Meet held on February 10-11, 2007. This will become an annual event making it possible for strengthening consultation with alumni on curriculum, employment opportunities for the graduates, etc.
  • Strengthen the field work component in all programmes that will enable students to gain valuable exposure to field realities and develop relevant skills.
  • Enhance field action projects that will strengthen faculty teaching and research through their continuous field engagement.
  • Strengthen and promote strategic student placement and campus recruitment programmes.
  • Strengthen library resources by bringing in the latest and quality publications in relevant subjects.
  • To make optimum use of IT resources to update and enhance the Institute?s knowledge base by reference to journals and latest publications.

Centralised Placement Cell (CPC):

Contact Details:

  • Ms Leela Banerjee, Training and Placement Officer:- 0222552-5906
  • Ms Laxmi Chalke:- 0222552-5907
  • Ms Shilpa Alagh:- 0220552-5904
  • Mr Kaushik Datta:- 0222552-5906

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