School of Human Ecology

Projects & Initiatives

iCALL Psychosocial Helpline

Partnerships and collaborations: United Nations Population Fund, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Government of Gujarat, Government of Maharastra, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, Dainik Bhaskar, nULTA Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., Tata Starbucks, TRAINN Circle, Vishakha and others     Mental health facilities in India are still quite insufficient owing to the limited number of services being offered as well as, the inadequate number of trained and supervised professionals. TISS has always taken a lead in addressing the psychosocial needs of individuals across various groups and has adopted diverse strategies and solutions to address these needs. iCALL is one such ...

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Couples experiencing marital distress approach courts to make important decisions about their marital relationships. This journey from a private life to a public space like court may not be an easy one for many couples and may have dense emotional and psychological undertones. It is therefore pertinent to have a space to deal with mental health, stress, and well being related issues in the court set up.   At Sukoon we provide support to individuals, couples and families, who approach legal settings for matrimonial disputes through counselling, conducting workshops and group sessions which promote well-being. Sukoon operates through a strengths-based ...

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Rahbar (guide or companion in Urdu) was established in 2019 under the aegis of the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences as a platform for promoting training and supervision for mental health practice in India.   Values Rahbar is guided by the philosophy of co-creating safe and supportive supervisory spaces for mental health professionals. This philosophy of supportive supervision has been anchored in a framework of values that places the supervisor-supervisee relationship at the centre of a supervisory approach that is: Collaborative and responsive Culturally and contextually sensitive  Social justice informed Strengths-based Diversity affirmative  Objectives Research There ...

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Sponsor/ Partner: SBI Foundation   School Initiative for Mental Health Advocacy (SIMHA)   The School Initiatives for Mental Health Advocacy (SIMHA) was launched on April 07th, 2017 to promote the well-being of young people in educational systems.  Vision To establish sustainable mental health friendly educational systems across contexts in India Objectives: Mental Health Advocacy: To advocate for child and adolescent well-being with policy makers, school leadership, teachers, students, and parents by increasing mental health awareness and integrating mental health promotion, prevention and intervention in schools. Capacity Building: To train and empower school leaders, teachers and counsellors to create safe and emotionally ...

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