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  • Infusing Gender Consciousness in Disaster Pedagogies Explore
  • Women Domestic Workers: Citizenship Rights, Capacity Building and Advocacy Explore
  • Proposed Trans-shipment Terminal Port Project, Enayam : SIA Report Explore
  • STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES On Deterring Demand for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Explore
  • Role of Criminal Justice System in Combatting Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in 5 Districts of West Bengal Explore
  • Learning from Gender Transformative Programmes: Assessing UNICEF's Interventions in Osmanabad Explore
  • Innovative Financing in Education to Leave No One Behind (IFE-2-Leave No One Behind) Explore
  • Perceptions about Child Abuse: An Exploratory Study in Two Districts of Andhra Pradesh (2018) Explore
  • Study of the functioning of Observation Homes in Telangana Explore
  • Study on the Effectiveness of Child Sponsorship in the Lives of Sponsored Children Explore
  • Conditional Cash Transfers and Child Marriages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: An Exploratory Study Explore
  • Connected Learning for STEM (CL4STEM) Explore
  • A Multimodal Approach to Teacher Professional Development in low resource settings. Explore
  • Connected Learning and Research on Inclusive Education (CLeaR on IE) Explore
  • Unpacking the Covid 19 Effect: Longitudinal Study on Peritraumatic Stress and Adaptation to Covid 19 in Mumbai Explore
  • SPARC Re-Imagining Teacher Education Explore
  • National Higher Education Resource Center (NHERC) Explore
  • An Exploratory study of discriminations based on non-normative genders and sexualities Explore
  • CAPacity Building in Sustainability and Environmental Management (CAPSEM) Explore
  • Standard Operating Procedures on Inter Jurisdictional Transfer of Evidence in Trafficking Crimes Through: VIDEO CONFERENCING Explore
  • A Handbook on the Legal Process for the Police in respect of Crimes against Children Explore
  • The socio-economic and environmental impact of Konkan Railways Explore
  • Development of Policy Paper on Best Practices and Models for Private Sector Regulation in India Explore
  • Organisation of Health Care Services Explore
  • Measurement and Accountability for Sustainable Development Goal-3 Explore
  • Sustainable and Inclusive Health Care Financing Programme Explore
  • Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2, India 2016-17 Explore
  • Cities, Social History and Muslim Entrepreneurs Explore
  • Early Child Marriage Initiative: A Monitoring and Evaluation Project Explore
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