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  • Issues of Equity and Inclusion in NEP 2020; Speakers: Prof. Padma Velaskar, Prof. John Kurrien & Dr. Nandini GhoshRead More

  • Workshop on Perspectives on Disability and Inclusion in Educational SettingsRead More

  • Vocational Education in NEP 2020; Speaker: Raj GildaRead More

  • Looking at Teachers, the Profession of Teaching and Teacher Education in the NEP 2020; Speaker: Prof. Padma M. SarangapaniRead More

  • Higher Education in NEP 2020; Speaker: Dr. Mary E JohnRead More

  • Language in the National Education Policy 2020; Speaker: Prof. Rama Kant AgnihotriRead More

  • Curriculum & Pedagogy: Challenges for Equity and Inclusion in Education; Speaker: Prof. Anita RampalRead More

  • Workshop on R StudioRead More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: The Scientific Temper ConundrumRead More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series : Ontology, Epistemology and the Curriculum: A Practitioner's PerspectiveRead More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: What is Transformative - Curriculum or Context? - Reflections on experiences of the Avehi Abacus Project'Read More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: 'How can we figure out what to teach in school science? Let children guide us'Read More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: Why is philosophy necessary to understand the nature of education?Read More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: Family and Familiality in EducationRead More

  • CONVERSATIONS Webinar Series: Learning dialogue, bandhutva and justice: An overviewRead More