'I ACCESS' Rights Mission

Locations: TISS

Sponsor: TISS

The 'I-Access rights mission' is a Field Action Project initiative that enables accessibility & inclusion of students with disability in higher education. Initiated by the Center for Disability Studies & Action (CDSA) at TISS in 2013, the project seeks to develop an inclusive & accessible education policy framework that employs a bottoms-up approach, builds awareness & sensitizes stakeholders in the field of higher education to create an environment conducive to the growth & participation of students with disability, eliminate barriers to help develop a culture of inclusion and take affirmative action to ensure access to information, communication, education, mobility, technology & accommodation.


The project seeks to imbibe the principles enshrined in the UNCRPD as well as the Marrakesh Treaty to make books and academic resources into accessible format for inclusive education in higher education for students with disability. 'ACCESS ABILITY 2015: Celebrating Diversity' International Day of persons with disabilities observed every year on the 3rd of December adopted the theme “Inclusion matters: access & empowerment for people of all abilities”.


'I ACCESS RIGHTS MISSION' aims to facilitate a dialogue in all academic disciplines on the issue of disability & enabling an inclusive & accessible education for students with disability in higher education.


The 'I-Access rights mission' has been initiated as Disability & accessibility mission at the Center for Disability Studies. This aims towards taking Reasonable Accommodation & affirmative action on education & accessibility issues of students with disability in University campus. This initiative is towards facilitating inclusive culture and social cohesion with reference to students with disabilities in higher education and promoting their living with dignity.


1.To take steps for accessibility issues at university level regarding Students with Disabilities 2.To understand the emerging issues and challenges of students with disabilities in higher education. 3.To create awareness and sensitization programmes to promote an inclusive culture among all students in campus using various art forms like “media, painting and theater and all forms of art. 4. Developing guidelines for teachers and peers regarding Students with Disabilities and work towards designing a academic activities & curriculum on Universal Design and Accessibility for inclusion.


1. I Access: Classroom - Teaching & Learning Process towards inclusion 2. I Access: Mehfil - Awareness & Facilitating inclusive culture with Peers. 3. I Access: Audits - ICT, Innovative steps & Access Audit and Diversity. 4. I Access: Buddy - Peers volunteer programme as buddies for day to day functioning towards independence.

Key Areas

The key areas of focus include fostering a culture of inclusion in higher education through awareness & sensitization programs, accessibility, use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs), understanding emerging issues & challenges faced among students with disability.

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National Conference on Disability, Accessibility, Inclusion and Wellbeing Report -17-18th Dec 2019 [Download Report]

Access Audit Report 2018-19 [Download Report]