Locations: Maharashtra

Sponsor: Tata Institute of Social Sciences


  1. To update policy level information on food security schemes through regular interaction with the state executive machinery.
  2. To do research on implementation of food security schemes.
  3. To keep in contact with civil society groups involved in advocacy at the National, State and District levels and other stakeholders like NGOs, people's movements, media, academicians, etc towards ensuring food security of the vulnerable groups.
  4. To monitor and support the fellows of the Advisor's Office
  5. To engage with government officials at the state and district levels in Maharashtra to encourage better implementation of food security schemes of the GoI and the Maharashtra state.
  6. To prepare relevant communication and other material that can help any of the above.
  7. To interact regularly with the Commissioner's Office in Delhi and other Advisors around the country.


Research, Documentation, Advocacy, Grievance Redressal Mechanisms, Organising Public Meetings/Consultations/Meetings