Locations: Mumbai

Sponsor/ Partner: SBI Foundation


School Initiative for Mental Health Advocacy (SIMHA)


The School Initiatives for Mental Health Advocacy (SIMHA) was launched on April 07th, 2017 to promote the well-being of young people in educational systems.


To establish sustainable mental health friendly educational systems across contexts in India


  • Mental Health Advocacy: To advocate for child and adolescent well-being with policy makers, school leadership, teachers, students, and parents by increasing mental health awareness and integrating mental health promotion, prevention and intervention in schools.
  • Capacity Building: To train and empower school leaders, teachers and counsellors to create safe and emotionally healthy spaces in schools, promote child and adolescent wellbeing and support young people experiencing mental health concerns, with a special focus on vulnerable groups and contexts.
  • Research: To conduct high-quality research in the Indian context on child and adolescent mental health and on creating schools/educational systems as communities of care with the aim of documenting current practices and developing contextually relevant programs for mental health promotion, prevention and intervention.