Locations: Bandra Family Court, Thane Family Court, District and Sessions Court, Kalyan, District Legal Services Authority, Bandra, and Mumbai High Court

Sponsor: Mariwala Health Initiative

Couples experiencing marital distress approach courts to make important decisions about their marital relationships. This journey from a private life to a public space like court may not be an easy one for many couples and may have dense emotional and psychological undertones. It is therefore pertinent to have a space to deal with mental health, stress, and well being related issues in the court set up.


At Sukoon we provide support to individuals, couples and families, who approach legal settings for matrimonial disputes through counselling, conducting workshops and group sessions which promote well-being. Sukoon operates through a strengths-based and gender sensitive framework and works towards issues of violence and marginalization. Sukoon is also actively involved in primary research which explores the litigants’ and counsellors’ views on the nature of marital concerns and stressors experienced by litigants and aims to articulate effective elements of the counselling interventions offered to address the same.

Services Provided:

Our psycho-social counselling services include: 

·      Providing emotional support and fostering emotional wellbeing in litigants within the legal premises so that individuals, couples and families can have easy access to counselling services

·      Providing a confidential and safe space to share stories of distress

·      Facilitating amicable discussions and decisions around issues of marital conflict

·      Helping individuals and couples plan their future course of life

·      Connecting individuals to appropriate referral services