TISS ( AESDII) Assessment and Empanelment Standards for Development Institutions in India

Locations: Mumbai

Sponsor: TISS


Inspired by the TISS vision to reform and transform the development sector through ‘reimagining futures', the TISS AESDII, incubated at the National CSR Hub, aims to build social sector infrastructure and a cadre of development professionals in India. The primary objective is to create a professional, accountable, analytically driven, people centric pool of development sector organisations in India through applied knowledge advisory services in the domains of programme development, policy, advocacy, evaluation and capacity building.

The TISS AESDII aligns its work to the SDG 17 and advocates inter-disciplinarity, collabo- ration, convergence, evidence and results-based programming and organisational learning. TISS AESDII aims to build perspectives and skills of development stakeholders through creation of knowledge and partnership networks, tools and templates on alter- native ways of thinking, learning and doing social welfare. TISS AESDII attempts to move beyond a narrow discussion on mere social responsibility of corporations, through facilitation of multi stakeholder conversations, with a focus on ‘Partnerships in Action.’ The TISS AESDII has in its network UN agencies, Public Sector Undertakings, Private Sector, Government Departments, Academic Institutions and Civil Society Organisations, at a Pan India level.

TISS AESDII operates through three verticals:

  1. TISS AESDII Knowledge Sharing Network (TISS AESDII KSN): Focussing on knowledge creation and dissemination through workshops, customised training programmes for development practitioners, conclaves and seminars, the TISS AESDII Knowledge Sharing Network aims to build a cadre of development professionals as a commitment to nation building. As a knowledge facilitator among practitioners, academia, community and corporations – the TISS AESDII KSN seeks to promote collaborative approaches in learning and knowledge creation.
  2. TISS AESDII Organisation and Project Empanelment Network (TISS AESDII OPEN): TISS AESDII has developed frameworks, guidelines and templates to evaluate and accredit both NPOs and social sector projects at a national level. As on March 2019, TISS AESDII has over 700 empanelled partners and over 100 proposals across thematic areas, scales and geographies. The TISS AESDII OPEN continues to provide applied knowledge advisory support to the corporate sector and various government institutions through maintaining databases of credible and competent organisations and project proposals, duly vetted by TISS through a robust multi-layered financial due diligence and programmatic audit, using a mixed methods approach.
  3. TISS AESDII Results and Evidence based Advanced Programming (TISS AESDII REAP): As part of REAP, the TISS AESDII advocates for evidence, results based and people centric approaches to programme design and development. TISS AESDII provides evidence-based support through research, advocacy, programme design, programme evaluation, strategic direction setting and social sector advisory to development organisations. Promoting a Results Based Management (RBM) approach across its activities, the TISS AESDII REAP tries to build institutional capacities towards effective programme delivery and addressing critical development needs.

Applications Invited - TISS AESDII Empanelment 

TISS Assessment and Empanelment Standards for Development Institutions in India (TISS AESDII) is an attempt to create a model to evaluate, assess, accredit and build capacities of NPOs through a robust multi-layered scrutiny process that stresses adherence to ten major parameters, a combination of financial and programmatic, and are as follows:

  • Conceptual and Convergence Framework
  • Documentation and Presentation Framework
  • Structural and Operational Framework
  • Programmatic Framework
  • Competency and Change Framework
  • Governance and Organisational Framework
  • Financial Conformity and Compliance Framework
  • Internal Controls and Systems Framework
  • Financial Management and Presentation Framework
  • Financial Sustainability Framework

The intent of this framework/template is to serve as a means of capacity building of organisations. The idea is to promote collective, inclusive and participatory discussions among all organisational members.

The intent is to have organisations reflect and introspect on both success/outcomes and shortcomings/gaps and plan a road map for undertaking future initiatives.

The TISS Assessment and Empanelment Standards for Development Institutions in India (TISS AESDII) is aimed at promoting and creating a level playing field for different types of organisations, with different models, scales, structures and ideologies. 

Organisational Eligibility Criteria for Empanelment Application:

Completion of minimum of 3 years from date of registration

Registered as a not for profit organisation only under any of the following:

  • The Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
  • Indian Trusts Act, 1882
  • Trusts registered under Income Tax Act, 1961, for organisations in those States where registration of Trust is not mandatory
  • Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013
  • Any relevant Acts by State Legislations