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School of Gender Studies was set up in June 2014 with the introduction of the MA in Women’s Studies programme. By then the Hyderabad campus was also offering the Integrated M.Phil-PhD in Women’s Studies and the PhD in Women’s Studies programmes.

Since the 1980s when Women’s Studies was first introduced as an academic discipline, its purpose has been to revitalize higher education in particular by bringing social issues closer, to generate new knowledge about women and gender relations, to work towards analysis and solutions to gender inequalities through research and documentation, and to facilitate the process of examining and reflecting on attitudes of bias and stereotypes. 

It is in line with these original objectives of Women’s Studies as well as of the core commitment of TISS to promotion ...

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Focus Areas:


Culture Studies

Feminist History


Gender and Education

Gender and Natural Resources

Gender-based Violence

Health and Mental Health



Organizational Behaviour




Areas of Research

Caste - Debates on Menstrual Taboo Through a Caste Lens; Politics of Intercaste Marriage Among Dalits

Culture Studies - Intercaste love ...