Committee for Improving the Access and Use of TISSOL


Date: May 12, 2020 - Aug. 10, 2020

Committee for Improving the Access and Use of TISSOL

A Committee comprising of following members is constituted to look in technological challenges in implementation of TISSOL, an online platform for delivery of courses during the ongoing lockdown and beyond:-

1. Prof. Sasmita Palo, Dean – SMLS Convenor
2. Prof. Shubada Maitra , Dean - SSW Member
3. Prof. U. Vindhya, Dy. Director, Hyderabad Member
4. Prof. Anil Kumar, Dean – SHSS Member
5. Prof. Kalpana Sarathy, Dy. Director, Guwahati Member
6. Prof. Ramesh Jare, Dean , Tuljapur Member
7. Dr. Mahesh Kamble, JTSDS Member
8. Mr. Shibu Albert, Senior Software Project Manager Member

 Terms of Reference:

  1. Identify the locational disadvantages and other challenges faced by students including access to technology across various schools and campuses in engaging with online learning through a survey among the student community.
  2. To get feedback from the Deans and Program Coordinators on challenges faced by faculty and students.
  3. Suggest additional features in TISSOL to improve online learning experience for both faculty and students
  4. Suggest measures to minimise the barriers in access to online learning by students including those who are differently abled.
  5. Committee may co-opt others as per requirement


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