Date: April 11, 2022


Monash University Strategic Partnership Celebration Event
11 April 2022, 2 pm onwards


Tata Institute of Social Sciences celebrated their long-standing partnership with Monash University with the launch of the strategic partnership. Educational ties between Australia and India strengthened with the signing of a strategic partnership between Monash University in 2021.

TISS achieved a milestone today with the launch of dual degree with Monash University on Master of Arts in International Development Practice. The New Education Policy 2020 has allowed Deemed-to-be-Universities like TISS to offer such a unique programme. This Dual Degree will pioneer TISS’s goals towards internationalisation.

This dual degree from TISS in collaboration with Monash University will equip students with skills needed to tackle the political, economic, cultural and ecological challenges leading to extreme poverty, poor health, fragile governance, inequality, environmental vulnerability and human insecurity, particularly in the context of emerging economies. All of these issues require professionals with the practical skills and analytical capacity to build resilience at a national and community level. It will allow students to take courses in two programs and work on different areas through field engagements and classes, both here in India and in Australia, that will bring into contact with professors, classmates, and colleagues from a range of experiences

It gives a platform to students to expand their network and learn within the international framework

This course will be offered in TISS from this academic year 2022.



TISS – Monash University Strategic Partnership Celebration Event
11 April 2022






12:30pm - 1:00pm


Welcome meeting 



Update on Monash - TISS Strategic Partnership plans and priorities for 2022

Dual degree timelines-MIDP

Staff Mobility program


We are trying to create a sustainability module with Monash this year.

Professor Shalini Bharat


Monash University

Prof. Sharon Pickering  
Prof. Sarah McDonald 
Dr Bodean Hedwards 
Ms. Sarah Gosper 


OIA Team

Prof. Madhushree Sekher 
Tanya Koshy
Aastha Bajracharya
Abraham James,
Bakul Dhabe

Directors Office, TISS 

1:00pm -2:00 pm   


Monash Team +OIA Team + Director and Deputy Director TISS

Guest House Dining Hall

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

TISS-Monash Strategic Partnership celebration 

Opening - Prof. Madhushree Sekher

Welcome Address: Professor Shalini Bharat 

Response from Monash: Professor Sharon Pickering 

2 students will share their experiences from the SECIP program

Overview of partnership priorities: Professor Madhushree Sekher

Announcement of Dual Degree- MIDP: Prof. Bharat and Prof. Pickering

Closing: Australian Consulate - Deputy Michael Brown)


Monash/TISS team


Key Faculty (attendees from TISS): 

TISS- Deans and Chairpersons

SECIP Faculty (TISS) 

MIDP Faculty (TISS)

SECIP students (TISS)

Australian Consulate Representative 




Library Conference Hall



End session and High Tea



  • Prof. Bharat, Vice Chancellor/ Director of Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
  • Prof. Jaswal, Deputy Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
  • Col. R.M. Joshi, Registrar, Tata Institute of Social Science,
  • Mr. Michael Brown, Deputy Consul General, Australian Consulate-General in Mumbai
  • Prof. Sharon Pickering, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice - President, Monash University
  • Prof. Sarah McDonald, Director of Student Experience, Monash University
  • Dr Bodean Hedwards, Senior Lecturer, Global Immersion Gurantee, Monash University
  • Ms. Sarah Gosper, Lecturer, Rick Experience, Monash University

Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Monash University have developed a deep relationship built on a shared vision for the role of higher education in the Australia-India relationship. Over last five years, our relationship has deepened and the 2021 Strategic Partnership Agreement between TISS and Monash University has allowed our institutions to continue building our suite of transformational, international education offerings and strengthening important research ties that can offer insight into shared challenges and opportunities. Monash University has encouraged us to move forward with renewed commitment to propel global education.