Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) workshop: When Globes are Changing: What do Ruth Cohn’s original writings mean in our world today?


Date: Jan. 9, 2017 - Jan. 11, 2017

Venue: Green Room,Convention Centre Navroji Campus Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai - 88

We empower ourselves for our present and future with TCI... looking at her original writings.

Three-day workshop for TCI Advanced Learner's January 9-11, 2017 at TISS

Current events like climate change, ongoing globalization, widespread inequality and dispossession, natural and socio-economic disasters,ethnic violence, migration, and upsurgence of the right wing forces across the world etc.define our Globe(s). Let us ask: What is our personal and common imagination of a life for ourselves and all creatures in the future.

This was one of the main questions for Ruth C. Cohn after the disaster of Holocaust and Second World War. In the Ruth Cohn Archive in Berlin, we can find a lot of original english writings of her. Some are handwritten, or with an old typewriter, some are published, some are not. Some are still to be kept confidential until ten years after her death. Prof Matthias and his wife are currently engaged in registering the valuable writings of Ruth Cohn in the Archive . He is ready to reconstruct with us the Globe of Ruth and to read and understand early English texts from her and to ask about the meaning of these writings for us in our very concrete Indian and World 'Globe'.

When: Jan 9-11. 2017

Where: Green Room,Convention Centre Navroji Campus Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai - 88

Contact Person(s): Dr Nishi Mitra Contact Phone: 09819766358


Facilitators: Prof. Matthias (Innsbruck University, Austria) and Dr. Nishi Mitra (TISS)

Number of participants: 10 maximum

Type of Workshop: Theme Centered Interaction ( Advanced)

Duration: 3 days

Dates: Jan 9-11. 2017

Working hours: 9.30 to 4.00 p.m.

Workshop Fees: Rs. 2000

Number of Sessions: 9 sessions

Eligibility: At least two TCI workshops done previously

Application Form: Download

Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) workshops are organised by TISS for an eclectic group interested in participatory pedagogy, personal development, human resource development etc and is useful for those who work in groups, in the training sector , and those using soft skills. TCI is a concept of running groups based on the idea of learning as an active, creative and discovering activity drawing from personal resources of participants. It draws from pschoanalysis as well as humanistic methods and is a potent method to impact deep psyche and make attitudnal changes. This method is also called as ‘Living Learning’. It emphasizes the attentive awareness of oneself and others in personal and professional contexts; the strengthening of independence and autonomy in relationships; imparting knowledge in a lively way, involving participants in this process; promoting cooperation rather than rivalry and integrating the demands of the working task with a regard for the individual and for the interpersonal relationships.