Hyderabad Off-Campus

Physical and Emotional Well-being


Date and time: Aug. 23, 2022 9:30AM - 10:30AM

The Counselling Centre, TISS Hyderabad is coming up with a new initiative called    "TUESDAY TALKS".

The overall development is essential for an individual's Physical and Emotional wellbeing. At the TISS counselling centre, we are working on empowering you all for the same. As part of our continuous endeavours, we provide a safe and a non-judgmental place to debate and discuss various issues. It's a platform to know oneself explore our inner thoughts, and mould accordingly.

We welcome you for the first session on 23.8.22 on Health and Wellness.

Join us in celebrating and understanding what Health and wellbeing all are about.

Topic: Health and Wellness

Venue: Room#1; TISS Hyderabad Campus

Ground floor

Duration: 45mins