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Date and time: Nov. 26, 2018 9:30AM - 12:30PM

Venue: Room No. II, Main Campus, TISS

 NIRANTAR - a space for lifelong learning


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Psychodrama : The realm of Spontaneous–Creative Group Role–Playing


Dr. Herb Propper

Date : 26th Nov 2018 Time : 9.30am to 12.30pm

Venue : Room No. II, Main Campus, TISS

(Please contact Ms. Veena Shinde contact no. 022 25525682, email : – veena.shinde@tiss.edu)

Fee waived for faculty, Staff. Project Staff and current students of TISS [Masters, Doctoral, Diploma, Certificate students]

Fees for Participants : Rs. 354/- (Including 18% GST)

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Last date for receiving the Application: 22.11.2018

Prior confirmation required as number of seats are limited

What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama was created by the late Dr. J.L. Moeno, beginning in Vienna, Austria in 1921 and continuing in the USA. It is the origin of all contemporary role-playing methods and group psychotherapy. Using a wide range of action methods, it helps individual and groups increase positive connections and use their innate spontaneity and creativity to explore problems and issues that are keeping them from living more harmonious and satisfying lives. It has a vast reach of applications, including but not limited to clinical therapy, personal growth, corporates, corporations and institutions, the creative arts and community development. Today it has spread throughout the globe, with active practitioners and trainers in the USA and Canada, Europe, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Latin American, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and India.

Content of the workshop:-

Basics of Psychodrama methodology : doubling, role reversal , mirroring; action sociometry to build connection and group cohesion;

Introduction to role theory of personality, surplus reality and theory of spontaneity–creativity.

Brief Profile of the Facilitator:

Dr Herb Propper, PhD, TEP, is a Board Certified Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy.

Herb Propper, Ph. D., TEP is a Board-Certified Trainer Educator & Practitioner of Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, with 39 year of experience in the field. He is a Fellow and Lifetime Member of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, Associate Member of the Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society and retired Professor of Theater. He was a 2009 Fulbright Scholar to Bangladesh and currently a member of the Fulbright Specialist Roster. He has been offering psychodrama trainings and workshops in India since 2009 and is presently Resident Trainer for the Indian Institute of Psychodrama, Chennai. He is also an ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk.