School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance

Workshop on Defending Capital Punishment Cases


Date and time: April 17, 2019 10:00AM - April 22, 2019 6:00PM

Venue: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Centre for Law and Society, School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance is inviting applications for a six days rigorous workshop on “Defending Capital Punishment Cases” from April 17th – 22nd, 2019 at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Course Objectives :

The course would be conducted from the point of view of defense lawyers, particularly those opposed to the death penalty. Advocate Yug Chaudhary would be the main resource person, who along with his team would conduct the course through interactive pedagogy. The course would, however, make space for arguments, which may represent personal / legal beliefs, hypothetical situations, or even arguments made arguendo, as to why Capital Punishment should be retained.

The Course is for candidates who have completed LL.B or pursuing LL.M. The course also welcomes practising lawyers. The course is also aimed at enhancing the skills in cross-examination and appreciation of evidence. These skills are crucial in litigation, especially in litigating cases where accused persons are vulnerable to being awarded the death sentence or have been awarded the death sentence. Analysing the nature of evidence adduced in cases where the death sentence is awarded will also help students understand the arbitrary nature in which capital punishment is awarded and fallibility of the system.

The interactive pedagogy makes it absolutely imperative for participants to do the necessary reading and thinking prior to the class. Unless this is done the course will not be able to achieve its objectives of introducing the participants to death penalty jurisprudence and equip them with the legal, ethical and practical aspects of defending capital punishment cases. The course will be conducted for 32 hours and the classes would be held from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm form 17th – 22nd April, 2019 (with appropriate breaks in between). The class on the first day would continue till 4.00 pm. The necessary reading material will be provided to you online upon confirmation of registration. Please note that you will require at least 10 days in advance of the first class to complete the assigned reading material.

Course Content :

Various aspects of death penalty litigation will be covered through this course. The course will primarily rely on case material and discussions on assigned readings (these may be revised). Themes sought to be covered during this course are as follows:

  • Law on Death Penalty Sentencing
    • Evolution of Death Penalty Jurisprudence
    • Statutory Provisions relating to death penalty
    • Law on Capital Sentencing
    • Constitutional Challenge to Death Penalty
  • Law on Clemency
    • Statutory Provisions
    • Law on Judicial Review of Executive Action in D
    • Constitutional Provisions
  • Law on Judicial Review of Executive Action in Death Cases
  • Constitutional Regulation of Death Penalty Administration
    • Conditions of Incarceration for Death Row Convicts
    • Embargo on Execution of certain classes of persons
    • Mode of Execution
    • Special Features for Proceedings in Death Cases
    • Guidelines on Execution of Death Row Prisoners
  • Representing a Death Row Prisoner
    • Professionalism and Ethical Dilemmas
    • Interviewing your client and his family members
    • Strategizing a Death Case
    • Elements and Strategy of a Mercy Petition
    • Strategizing a Constitutional Claim
    • Deconstructing and influencing media narrative in a Death Case
    • Last minute interventions prior to an Imminent Execution
  • Cross examination and litigation strategies for Death Row prisoners
  • Evidentiary and Procedural Issues Arising During Trial and Appellate Proceedings

Outstation participants will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation and food while in Mumbai. However, we can try and make arrangements for some at our Hostels, if they have been vacated for vacation. There will be arrangement for a brunch at 11.30 am during the course. There are only 50 seats for the course. The first 50 participants would be accepted for the course.

April 7th, 2019 would be the last date for registration.

Course fees would be Rs.1200/- (including GST) per participants for 6 days. Tata Institute of Social Sciences would award Certificates to participants who completes the 6-Days course. Kindly make your payments online by clicking on the link below.

The conference registration form to be sent to participants shall be available at the following link:

For Further information contact:

Dr. Shamim Meghani Modi (Ph.D)
Project Director
Chairperson, Centre for Law and Society
School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance
Mobile: 09326094822 / Office: 022-2552 5383/5120