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International Conference on Inclusive Education


Venue: Library Conference Hall, Tata Institute of Social Sciences V.N. Purav Marg, Deonar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088

The Centre for Disability Studies and Action (CDSA), School of Social Work of TISS Mumbai, and Brotherhood, Delhi are organizing jointly a International Conference on Inclusive Education from 22nd to 24th January 2018 at TISS, Mumbai.


Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. For a school to be inclusive, all children, regardless of their ability level have to be included in a mainstream classroom, or least restrictive environment (LRE), so that students of all ability levels are taught as equals, and that teachers adjust their curriculum and teaching methodologies for all students to benefit. Implementation of an inclusive education would require a number of changes in present day teaching practices, curriculum content, infrastructure, technological aids, evaluation procedures and available resources at the school level.

What are the needs and challenges for achieving the goal of inclusive education? How will an inclusive environment meet the needs of children with disabilities? How quality education can be effectively and efficiently delivered for all children? Therefore, inclusive schools have to address the needs of all children in every community and the governments have to manage inclusive classrooms. Keeping in view these questions, this conference focuses on the concept of inclusive education, including importance, challenges and measures to implement inclusive education in different countries.

The Center for Disability Studies and Action, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Brotherhood, Delhi in collaboration with Prof. N K Jangira, are organizing a jointly international conference on Inclusive Education from 22nd to 24th January 2018 at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

The overall aims of such conference is to get an opportunity to share and disseminate ideas, research findings, academic, field-level experiences on Inclusive Education, evidence bases practices and innovation in inclusive education from India and other countries and create a sharing community to feel all children safe and secure in the classroom.


  • To share and promote innovative and best practices in inclusive schools
  • To share the idea of training for Inclusive educators by adopting Universal Design Learning (UDL)
  • To raise awareness of Inclusive Education among stake holders, policy makers and the general public as an inclusive approach to education .
  • To share knowledge and practices of Quality Indicator


  • Enhanced competence of special educators to extend support to regular teachers to improve access of children with disabilities to curriculum and participation learning and play activities.
  • Improvement in the competence in teamwork involving special educators and regulator teachers to ensure all stakeholders such as parents and community.
  • To bring about change in attitude of teachers towards education of children with disabilities as corporate members of the learning groups inside and outside the school.
  • Documentation report with focus on quality of education in inclusive education setting.
  • Research collaborative work among different countries to promote best practices


There is a CALL FOR PAPERS from experts engaged in education of children with disabilities in an inclusive setting. The papers should be based on actual practices, research findings, and field level experiences, academic for improving curriculum access to meet the diverse learning needs of Children with disabilities.


  • Policy on Inclusive Education
  • Role of School Management Committee
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Class Room Management and Practice
  • School Environment
  • Examination, Assessment and evaluation
  • Voices of children with disabilities and their parents regarding inclusive education
  • ICT, Assistive Technology and Assistive Devices for facilitating curriculum transactions
  • Infrastructure
  • Universal Design Learning


Special Educators, Therapists, Rehabilitation Social Workers, Psychologists, Doctors, Regular Teachers, Parents and Others Interested in Education of Children With Disabilities In Inclusive Settings.

Submission of Abstracts with key words (300 words): Last date extended till: December 10, 2017 Notification: 10th December 2017 (ncie2018@gmail.com)

Submission of Full Paper and Power point Presentation: 2nd January 2018 (10 minutes for PPT presentation)

Registration for Conference opens: 1st October 2017

Conference Fee: Details for payment


Early Bird: Rs. 4720/- (Rs. 4000/- per person (including kit and food) + Rs. 720 ( 18%GST) ) till 20th December 2017

After Deadline: 21st December 2017- Rs. 5900/- (Rs.5000/- per person (including kit and food)+ Rs. 900 (18%GST))

Online payment should be sent https://support.tiss.edu/conf_regi_form/ and inform to

Dr. Sandhya Limaye
Associate Professor, Center for Disability Studies and Action,
Tata Institute of Social sciences, Mumbai

For any detail contact:

Mr. Satish Kapoor
Programme Coordinator
UN Volunteer, Recipient of Acharya Vinobha Bhave National Volunteer Award
Founder Director, Brotherhood And We Care Film Festival
+91 9899472065;

Email id: ncie2018@gmail.com

Accommodation: Participant has to make accommodation on his/her own. However, the list of hotels will be provided to the participant upon the request.

Organising Committee

Dr. Sandhya Limaye
Mr. Satish Kapoor
Prof. N. K. Jangira
Prof. Srilatha Juvva



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