School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

National Seminar On Ideas, Peoples and Inclusive Education in India Today


Venue: Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai

Organised by: Centre for Social Justice and Governance, Tata Institute of Social Science & National Coalition for Education, New Delhi

Centre for Social Justice and Governance (CSJG) is Centre within the School of Social Work, TISS. It envelops within its fold, twin domains of Caste and Tribes. It focuses on historiographies of the socially excluded groups on the one hand and innovative policy practice on the other. It offers a programme in M.A in Social Work in Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action. The strength of the programme lies in its pragmatic curricular logic built on the convergence between theory and practice. The CSJG's thematic areas of practice are Small and Border Towns, Social Business and Livelihoods and Education as envisioned within the vision and mission of the TISS.

National Coalition for Education (NCE) is a conglomeration of networks of many organisations working on the issues of Right to Free and Quality education, the eradication of child labour and the promotion of Child Rights. NCE’s Vision is all children up to the age of 18 are in school and getting quality education, driven by human values to become empowered and productive citizens. It also strives to advocate the Right to Education as a justifiable right for every child on the basis of equal opportunity, gender equality, in a child friendly environment and with the participation of civil society and teachers.

Content of Seminar

The call for inclusive education in the light of historical marginalisation of peoples in India, is an issue that concerns educators, policy makers and activist. Many attempts have been made to make education more inclusive. Very innovative ways have also been developed and operationalized by Universities, non-government and community led organisations at the systemic levels and by educators at the curriculum and pedagogical levels to work towards realising inclusion. Exclusion in India is a complex phenomena cutting across caste, gender, ethnicity, age, tribe, language, region, religion, etc, while at the same time having to intersect with the realities produced by intricate structures of global capital, religious affiliations, state responsibility and community participation.

Debates on education in India are currently taking place around issues concerning State Policy, Laws, Acts and Government initiatives, plus the role played by International institutions and mechanisms of global political economy. While arguments and counter arguments are being made on issues such the right to free, fair and inclusive education and equal accessibility to education at the Primary, Secondary and Higher levels, on the ground, however, educators are confronted with the issues of social discrimination and exclusion, extreme cases of social tension, anachronistic curriculum and incongruous pedagogies.

In the light of this context, the Centre for Social Justice & Governance and The National Coalition for Education are collaborating to organize a one-day national seminar on the theme of Ideas, Peoples and Inclusive Education in India Today. The seminar attempts to examine the different modes through which exclusion in the Educational System has been addressed and new innovative ways to strengthen inclusive education in both policy and practice in India.

The key themes for discussions are:

  1. Identities, Exclusion and Innovative Attempts at Inclusive Education
  2. Pedagogy, Innovations and Education
  3. The Politics of Education: Primary Education to Higher Education
  4. Budgetary & Financial allocations for Historically Excluded Groups

Academic Themes:

Scholars, Educators, Activists, Policy Practitioners, People's Organisations, Community Based Organisations and Independent Researchers working on related topics are invited to send their papers/abstracts within the specified themes below:

We are calling for papers on the following themes

  1. Primary and Secondary Education: Rethinking Policy and Practice
  2. Higher Education: Policy, Practice and Movements

Important Information:

A limited number of participants will be invited for the seminar. We especially encourage educators, activists and scholars to apply. Those interested in participating should send an abstract (300 words maximum) of the proposed paper along with their C.V to the following Email ID:

Important Dates:

  • Last date for submission of abstract: 30th November, 2017
  • Intimation for Selected Papers: 3rd December, 2017
  • Last date for submission of full paper: 20th December, 2017

For more information get in touch with:

bodhi s.r
Center for Social Justice & Governance
School of Social Work
Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai
Ph: 022 25525415

Executive Director
National Coalition for Education (NCE)
Shikshak Bhawan, 41- Institutional Area
D- Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058
Ph: 91-11-28526851 Mob. +91 991097056