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12th Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture Series (AML) - 2021 Presents the National Conference On “State and Democracy Today: Remembering Ambedkar, (Re-)Imagining India And Rights of The People”.


Date and time: April 16, 2021 10:00AM - April 17, 2021 4:00PM

Conference Mode : Online

Concept Note :

India's tryst with destiny that took a definitive shape in 1947 was supposed to take a collective journey along the path of democracy, equality, and justice for all. The ideas of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Constitution of India, about India was not limited to transferring political power from the Britishers to the Indians. Rather, it was centred on a much broader notion of national re-construction, building a democratic republic by creating social equality and social integration in the diverse yet deeply hierarchical and unjust society. Though India has completed more than seventy years of its freedom from colonial rule and has entered into the twenty-first century, it is rather disappointing to see where the journey has led. Glaring social inequalities, extreme income disparities, social exclusions of various types, violence against women and the marginalized continue to remain unabated.

It is time to assess the state of Indian state and democracy today. After more than seventy years of independence, does it follow the vision that the founding figures, especially what Ambedkar has envisioned? Where does the nation stand today? How deep is democracy in India? Are the rights of people secured; especially that of the marginalized. the Dalits, Adivasis, minorities, and women? Is diversity encouraged, and dissent tolerated? Moreover, where do the supporting pillars of a democracy stand? Is the judiciary doing its solemn duty of upholding the constitution in its true spirit and protecting the people's rights and liberties? How effective is bureaucracy in delivering its duty by adhering to the rule of law? Is the media playing the role of the watchdog, or has it been co-opted by vested interests? Is the new digital media manipulating peoples’ opinions, morals and thereby creating a world that is inimical to the idea of India that Ambedkar and the founding figures visualised? Is the post-truth era biting into the vitals of democracy?

As stake-holders of this ‘new’ India, The Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) attempts to share a platform to discuss the health of democracy in India. The conference themed on State and Democracy Today: Remembering Ambedkar, (Re-)imagining India and Rights of the People intends to bring scholars from various fields to deliberate and debate various aspects related to the theme. We expect that the papers would bring in fresh insights.

 A Brief note on the AML lectures Series :

AML serves as a platform for students, academicians, civil society, and jurists to engage in intellectual dialogue about social justice through the Ambedkarite perspective taking into account emergent social issues in Indian society. The conference seeks to honour Dr. Ambedkar's intellectual contribution to the world by exploring Ambedkarite ideas and values and bringing together, students and academicians from various backgrounds to reflect on Dr. Ambedkar's scholarship in various fields and its relevance in the present world context.


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