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10th Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) - 2019 Lecture Series Presents, The National Conference on "Social Inequalities and Exclusions in Contemporary India".


Date and time: Feb. 15, 2019 10:00AM - Feb. 16, 2019 6:00PM

Concept Note :

India’s tryst with destiny that took a definitive shape in 1947 was supposed to take a collective journey along the path of democracy, equality and justice for all. As a new born nation this journey was expected to be fraught with multiple challenges. As India has completed more than seventy years of its freedom from colonial rule and has entered into the twenty-first century it is rather disappointing to see where the journey has led to. Glaring social inequalities, extreme income disparities, social exclusions of various types, violence against women and the marginalised continue to remain unabated. The farmers are in distress, the educational institutions are reduced to certificate-manufacturing units, public health care in disarray, and the employment and labour market is so volatile. Most unfortunate reality is that often the state is inept or corrupt, and the public policies, instead of serving the interest of people, serve the interest of the capitalists. The human rights record of the state is also dismal. Nevertheless, people are raising their voice through various movements against displacement, atrocities or marginalisations. The inspiration that people such as B R Ambedkar and Jotiba Phule provide has ignited mass mobilisation across India. The atmosphere is poignant with yearnings for a positive change, yet the challenges for attaining equality and justice are even bigger than it was seventy years ago.
The Conference on “Social Inequalities and Exclusions in Contemporary India” intends to discuss the trend of the inequalities focusing on India with respect to gender, class, caste, health, education, economic inequalities etc. It attempts to bring scholars from different fields of knowledge to discuss and debate these issues. We expect that the papers would bring in new insights which preferably would be interdisciplinary in nature.

A Brief note on the AML lectures Series :

The AML lecture series was started in the year 2009 and Prof. M. Kunhaman (TISS, Tuljapur) was the first speaker of the Ambedkar Memorial Lecture (AML) series. He delivered his thought on “Ambedkarism and its relevance in Democracy”. In the following years Dr. Anand Teltumbade (2011) on “Anti-Imperalism and Annihilation of Caste”, Prof. Ramaiah (2012) on “Growing Crimes against Dalits in India: Relevance of Dr. Ambedkar’s Separate Settlements”, Prof. P. G. Jogdand on “Ambedkar as a Sociologist- Beyond Reductionism”, Dr. Vivek Kumar on “From Modernity to Universalism: Vision of Dr. Ambedkar”, Prof. Ramesh Kamble and S.M. Dahiwale on “The Perspectives on Advanced /Backward Communities”, Dr. Sushma Andhare on “Emancipation of Women: The Ambedkarite Perspective”, Mr. Paul Diwakar on “Dr. Ambedkar’s Vision of the Inclusive Growth and Development of the Society”., Mr. Martin Macwan, Mr. Bhanvar Meghwanshi, Prof Hari Narke Dr. Razia Patel, Dr, Anoop Kumar, Prof. Abhinaya Kamble, Prof. Zahir Ali and many more Ambedkar scholars, intellectuals, human rights activists and academicians delivered lectures in this series.

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