Tuljapur Off-Campus

NATIONAL POLICY SYMPOSIUM ON 'AGRICULTURE IN INDIA' : Emerging Challenges and Potential Horizons


Date and time: Dec. 21, 2018 12:00AM - Dec. 22, 2018 11:30PM

Majority of the Indian population lived in rural areas and agriculture in India was based on mainly feudal land relations, and had only primitive technology. The new democratic government after independence from 200 years of colonial rule had a huge task of integrating the country, providing food and fiber to the hungry population along with employment. The five year plans were designed to tackle massive problems related to all sectors prioritizing agriculture. However, the post-globalization agricultural world showed distress signals in the form of farmer suicides. Though various reasons are cited for this distress and several studies are being taken to understand the factors contributing to this phenomena, the future of policies relating to agriculture is still in dark.

To discuss this aspect of the future of the agriculture sector and to provide an interdisciplinary platform to discuss the recent innovations, status, trends and challenges; TISS TULJAPUR invites participants and paper presenters on the theme  'AGRICULTURE IN INDIA: Emerging Challenges and Potential Horizons' from all around the country.