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Centre for Distance and Online Education(CDOE)

1. Objectives

1.1 The CDOE is being established at TISS to ensure quality, coherence and efficiency of all online, distance and blended learning programme offered by TISS, involving a learning management system, technology platform, other than those programmes which are designated as ‘campus based’ and involving the use of TISSOL.

1.2 The CIQA is being established to ensure oversight of all quality assurance matters pertaining to DOE programmes and courses offered by TISS.

2. Programmes that will fall under the purview of the CDOE include:

2.1 Certificate, diploma and PG diploma programmes and all short term programmes, which come under the Nirantar, which are classified as DOE, involve use of technology platforms and involve online or blended modality.

2.2 Undergraduate or postgraduate programmes approved by the Academic council TISS, which involve use of technology platforms and are conducted in online or blended modality.

2.3 Modalities may involve some, all or a combination of the following:

    1.  ‘Distance learning’, where students are not on campus and participate in the programme of learning through print, multimedia or online resources and teaching. Typical distance learning programmes cater to large scale by using a ‘study centre’ model which provides local services in person to programme participants (including mentoring, counseling, some teaching, lab work (as applicable), library services, and facilities for proctored examinations.
    2.  Online’: where technology platforms and/or social media platforms are used wholly for the transaction of the programme and where the students' time on campus is either optional or minimal, and resources and learning experiences are offered online.
    3.  ‘Blended’: where students may spend time on campus and also online learning.
    4.  ‘Hybrid’ refers to a model where some students may be on campus while simultaneously others participate in the class (synchronously or asynchronously) online, And may also apply to programmes where some courses are campus-based while others are ‘online’. The CDOE will be concerned only with ‘online’ components.