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Equal Opportunity Centre and SC/ST & OPEM Cells

In compliance with the UGC guidelines issued vide Letter No. F1-72011(SCT) dated 14 September 2020, the Director has constituted two exclusive committees for redressing grievances of faculty and staff (GRC-I), and of students (GRC-II) belonging to the SC/ST/OBC communities (TISS notification dated June 11, 2021).

The main Objective of the above Committees are to investigate into complaints/grievances received from faculty, staff and students belonging to the SC, ST and OBC communities, suggest remedies thereof and finally submit a report to the Director, TISS. These committees are also to provide all necessary support in ensuring due compliance with the Gol Reservation Orders in appointments and promotion and other benefits admissible to the above categories of faculty, staff and students.

Composition of GRC-I (for faculty and staff):

  1. Convenor: Prof H Beck, School of Social Work
  2. Members:
    1. Prof Avatthi Ramaiah, Liaison Officer, SC/ST Cell.
    2. Prof Sandhya Rani, Liaison Officer, OPEM Cell.
    3. Mr Mahesh Kamble, Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies.
    4. Ms Indira Pasupathy, Offg Dy Registrar (P&A).
    5. Mr Narendra Mishra, Dy Registrar, Academic Affairs.
    6. Mr SR Ganesh Goud, School of Management and Labour Studies.
  3. The Member Secretary for the GRC-I is the Section Officer, SC/ST and OPEM Cells.

Composition of GRC-II (for Students):

  1. Convenor: Prof Bipin Jojo, School of Social Work.
  2. Members:
    1. Prof PK Shajahan, Dean, Academic Affairs.
    2. Prof Asha Banu Soletti, Dean, Students Affair's.

    3. Prof M Mariappan, School of Health Systems Studies.

    4. Harsimarpreet Kaur, School of Human Ecology.

    5. Dr Sarala Rao, School of Management & Labour Studies.

    6. Dean/Chairperson of School/Independent Centre to which the aggrieved student belongs.

    7. Mr. Narendra Mishra, Dy Registrar, Academic Affairs.

  3. The Member Secretary for the GRC-II is the Section Officer, SC/ST and OPEM Cells.

Grievances Redressal Process:

Aggrieved faculty, staff and students may register their complaints by way of either submitting a written complaint or sending an email to the LO concerned with a copy to the SO, Secretariat, Special Cell (SC/ST Cell and OPEM Cell). Subsequently, the LO concerned shall forward the complaint to the concerned GRC in consultation with the Dean, EOC, to proceed with necessary enquiry process.