Hyderabad Off-Campus

About Us

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, established in 1936, is a university funded by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.  Through the eight decades and more of its existence, the Institute has secured extensive recognition in India and South Asia for its distinctive approach to teaching, community outreach, research and practice. All the activities at TISS stand out because they successfully draw on the insights provided by Social Science to address real-life issues. The teaching programmes involving three Bachelors, over 50 Masters, 18 PhD and 30 B.Voc. programmes are offered from the four campuses of TISS, i.e. at Mumbai (main campus), Hyderabad, Guwahati and Tuljapur. These programmes are in a range of socially relevant and inter-disciplinary areas of applied Social Sciences aimed at developing responsible and competent human professionals.

The Hyderabad Off-Campus of TISS was established in 2011. Hyderabad has today emerged as a hub of Social Science education in South India and the credit for building a reputation of this kind is largely due to TISS Hyderabad. The Institute offers six postgraduate and two PhD programmes that are aligned with NEP 2020 and are innovative, interdisciplinary and future-facing. These programmes at TISS Hyderabad combine academic excellence with praxis and policy-making processes such that the graduating students are well prepared to shape societies are socially just and sustainable.

In particular, TISS Hyderabad is thus recognised for:

  • Offering innovative and interdisciplinary teaching programs with updated curricula and pedagogy that blends theoretical perspectives and analytical insights with experiential learnings and capstone projects.
  • The dynamic interaction between the text and the field such that students acquire relevant experiences and insights to excel in their future professional pursuits.
  • Conducting research studies, designing, and implementing field action projects and collaborating with governments at the national and international levels to address social and policy concerns.
  • A Faculty team that is drawn from the best of institutions, national and international.
  • Consistent and good placement records with alumni having established themselves as leaders in their respective domains.


 School of Educational Studies

 School of Gender and Livelihoods

 School of Public Policy and Governance