Hyderabad Off-Campus

About Us

TISS Hyderabad strives to attain 'excellence' in higher education in social sciences with a firm eye on 'relevance' to the region, state, and nation.


To create an institution of excellence in knowledge building and sharing that explores fresh ground in defining social sciences and its relevance in strengthening people's knowledge, their right to education and ecologically sustainable livelihoods, in order to deepen democracy and citizenship.


The Hyderabad campus works towards its vision by:

  • Creating an institution of excellence in higher education in social sciences that offers a high quality learning environment for national and international students and scholars
  • Building new knowledge that is theoretically grounded, and demonstrating innovative programmes
  • Strengthening research and practice skills in planning, policy making and programme management at all levels of governance structures

Hallmarks of TISS Hyderabad

TISS Hyderabad positioned itself as a:

  • Leader in Inclusive and Equitable Education
  • Provider of Thought Leadership
  • Driver of Innovation
  • University that builds Unconventional Knowledge
  • Platform for Civil Society Engagement with Governance
  • Inclusive and Equitable Education: TISS Hyderabad has the philosophy of inclusiveness ingrained in its policies, programmes and infrastructure. Through its own admission policies and processes, the institute ensures that deserving students from all socio-economic backgrounds get a fair chance to compete and secure admission in its programmes.
  • Thought Leadership: Through its engagement in teaching, training, research, programme innovation and public policy initiatives, TISS Hyderabad attempts to provide thought and intellectual leadership. The institute strives to create a strong cadre of high calibre human service professionals to work with the people, government, industry and non-profit sectors.

Driver of Innovation

TISS Hyderabad creates opportunities for nurturing initiatives that can propel change and enhance human well-being. The long-standing experience of the Institute with field action projects in communities and institutions will be streamlined to systematically conceive, launch and document social innovation and entrepreneurship models.

Unconventional Knowledge Building

Conventional understanding of knowledge building will be enriched with transformative ways of engaging in knowledge production. Knowledge-building spaces will be creatively and critically shared with various communities in order to produce grounded knowledge to enhance people’s lives and livelihoods.

Platform for Civil Society Engagement with Governance

TISS has a long-standing tradition of mediating policy dialogues, advocating for policy changes, and amplifying people’s voices. Training of various functionaries to strengthen decentralization and citizenship will be the hallmark of TISS Hyderabad. The institute will strengthen grassroots leadership to engage with ongoing dialogues on public policy and research priorities. The institute will also provide a platform for informed debate involving all stakeholders and responsibility holders – the government, people’s groups and networks, business and industry, NGOs, and others.