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Faculty Led Research Projects 2021 -22


1. Budgetary Allocations and Transfers to Households: A Review of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana.

Supported by: UNICEF, Hyderabad

Team Member(s): Arvind Pandey, Aseem Prakash, Ipsita Sapra, Shruti Prasad

The research project endeavoured to map the direct and indirect subsidies accessed by each household in the states of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana.

Status: Completed

2. Gender & Safety Mapping: Initiatives to make Hyderabad Safe for Women and Girls

Supported by: Hyderabad Police

Team Members: Lakshmi Lingam (School of Gender Studies, Mumbai Campus), Ipsita Sapra

 In collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner, Hyderabad Police, this research project aimed to capture the reasons that make cities unsafe for women, along with suggesting an institutional mechanism to ensure the safety and security of citizens in general and women in particular.

 Status: Ongoing 

3. Feasibility of Universal Basic Income in Urban India

Supported by: National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi

Team Members: Aseem Prakash, Arvind Pandey

 The Economic Survey of the GOI 2016-17, flagged the concern of absorption capacity of various direct and indirect support programmes due to institutional deficit leading to leakage or policy capture. Accordingly, it advocated Universal Basic Income (UBI). In this context, this study aims to capture the range of welfare programmes and assess their usefulness in the current milieu.

 Status: Ongoing

4. Humanizing Death: A Public Policy Perspective on Death in the Context of a Pandemic

Supported by: TISS Research Council

Team Member(s): Aseem Prakash, Ipsita Sapra, Khushboo Srivastava

 The objective of this research is to understand the existing ways in which the practices after death are handled in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The larger objective is to build an institutional framework to enable and actualise dignity in death during the pandemic and similar critical events.

Status: Ongoing 

5. Cities, Social History and Muslim Entrepreneurs

Team Member(s): Aseem Prakash

Supported by: Indian Council for Social Science Research 

The project aims to write the social history of select cities from the vantage point of successful Muslim entrepreneurs who control significant proportions of economic activities in that particular city. In other words, how and why certain economic activities (for instance spices in Kozhikode, perfume in Lucknow, restaurants and bakeries in Hyderabad) flourished in these cities and how Muslims acquired a dominant position in these economic sectors. The project endeavours to connect the business history of successful entrepreneurs to the “socioeconomic” history of the particular economic sector in which they have succeeded and then examine how these two have impacted and influenced the social history of the city and vice-versa.

Status: Ongoing

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