Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI

Focus Areas:


Culture Studies

Feminist History


Gender and Education

Gender and Natural Resources

Gender-based Violence

Health and Mental Health



Organizational Behaviour




Areas of Research

Caste - Debates on Menstrual Taboo Through a Caste Lens; Politics of Intercaste Marriage Among Dalits

Culture Studies - Intercaste love in South Indian Cinema; Discrimination based on skin colour in India; Culture and Politics in an African Research World

Feminist History - Gender, caste and patriarchy in the great Indian kitchen

Development - New Rural Paradigm; Good Practices in Rural Development; Action Research to Enhance SHG Movement; Rural Women’s Entrepreneurship; Marketing and Rural Women

Gender and Education - Right to Education; Gender and Social Inequalities in Education; ICT Literacy among High School Students

Gender and Natural Resources - Agri Supply Chains

Gender-based Violence - Trafficking and Violence; Bride Trafficking, Child Trafficking; Trafficking as Unsafe Migration; Discourse on Vulnerability to Trafficking; Domestic Violence and Trafficking; Female Traffickers; Child Marriage; Sheikh Marriage

Health and Mental Health - Behavioural and Social Dimensions of Farmer Suicides; Psychosocial Support to Prevent Farmer Suicides; Mainstreaming Gender for Improving Adolescent Health

Livelihoods – Women in the Informal Sector, women entrepreneurship

Migration - International Migration by Indian Women as Nurses and Domestic Workers

Organizational Behaviour - Perception of Level of Drive Regarding Work and Job Satisfaction; Perceived Stress, Impact and Coping Strategies; Sustaining Behavioural Change

Psychology - Evaluation of quality of interpersonal communication & counselling sessions by using Intintiki Anganwadi; Preventing Child Marriages in Telangana: A Social & Behaviour Change Communication Strategy; Applying Social Norms Theory to End Open Defecation in Telangana

Sexuality - Caste and Queer Identity




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