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DS PRESS: DS press is a series of discussion sessions organized by the MA students (both 1st and 2nd year). Various issues of national and global relevance have been discussed in this forum. Prior to the discussion the organizers would provide light readings as well so that informed stands can be taken to have a healthy debate. A few important themes disused in this forum are,

Should prostitution be legalized or decriminalized in India,Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Syria and around the World: Whose responsibility is it? , Censorship in India - The CBFC Controversy - Questions of Free Speech and Expression in India, Juvenile Justice Bill: Regressive or Responsive, Alcohol Ban: Reasons and Consequences, Nationalism and SeditionCreative Expression: Should literature, or any piece of art/entertainment have to justify itself in terms of aesthetic or politics?, Uniform Civil Code: Is India ready? How relevant are the environmental arguments for banning beef? ,Culture of Protest, GST : Opportunities and Challenges etc.


DS-AV is a student initiative where award winning documentaries centeredon social and economic issues of relevance are screened. Each screening is followed by a discussion session which involves both students and faculty participation.

Few important filmsscreened during this session are:

  • Supermen of Malegaon, directed by Faiza Ahmed Khan
  • Kakkoos, directed by DivyaBharath
  • FourHorsemen, directed by Ross Ashcroft