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Counselling Centre


The Counselling Centre is a crucial component of support services extended to the entire community at TISS, Hyderabad campus. It provides support to students and staff to cope with varied psychological concerns. In the multicultural academic context of the campus, the Counselling Centre seeks to develop healthy coping strategies and creating a safe environment for the students. Through the various activities it has initiated on the campus, the Centre has focussed on reducing the stigma around mental health concerns.

The students form the largest percentage of clientele, seeking counselling on various issues like academics, life, career, etc. The Counselling Centre provides services like individual counselling, group counselling, and organizes various kinds of programmes on mental health. The Counsellors conduct lectures, workshops, and programmes throughout the academic year.

Presently, the Counselling Centre provides services 6 days a week from 10 AM – 5PM. Due to the unprecedented circumstances, the services are being offered over telephone and email. We are also on Instagram.


The Counselling Centre currently has three professionally qualified and trained Counsellors, anchored by a faculty, as the Coordinator. Each Counsellor is available for two days of a week, ensuring the presence of a Counsellor every day for six days of a week.

Name  Designation  Contact 
Sunayana Swain

Coordinator & Assistant Professor, School of Gender Studies

Samatha Kandepu  Counselling Psychologist 



Surabhi Dayama 

Counselling Psychologist 






So, what is Counselling?

Counselling is a highly effective way “to help people help themselves”. There are lot of questions around counselling.  Let’s try to answer few of them.

Q.1 Is Counselling is for people who are mentally weak or mentally ill?

No. Counselling is for everybody who wishes to improve their mental well-being, need help to cope with their problems, or sometimes simply to share their feelings. Even the ‘strongest’ need support! It is for people who are healthy, mentally and physically and otherwise.

Q. 2 Is there a difference between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Yes. Psychologists have a background in Psychology (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD) and professionally trained in Counselling Psychology with different specializations. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a M.B.B.S degree with a specialization in Psychiatry.

Q.3 How can I know whether I need Counselling?

If that question comes to your mind, the best way would be to talk to a Counsellor and find out!

Q. 4 Is it safe to share my problems with the Counsellor?

The discussions that happen between a Client and a Counsellor are confidential. The Counsellors are professional and ethical in their approach with every single client. The confidentiality clause is breached only in extreme situations (if there is a physical threat to the life of the people involved).

Q. 5. Is the Counsellor going to judge me for my problems/issues?

No. The Counsellor will always provide a safe space for you to discuss and share your problems in an absolutely non-judgmental environment.

Q.6 Will the Counsellors solve my problems/issues?

The Counsellors will help you to help yourself. In other words, they will work with you to develop strength, awareness, skills, etc. that would equip you to resolve the problems/issues.

Q.7 What types of problems can I go to a Counsellor for?

The Counsellors cater to clients with issues related to studies, examinations, relationship, personality, gender, sexuality, job, and many more.

Q.8 Do I have to pay for the Counselling services?

No, you do not have pay for availing the counselling services provided by the on-campus counsellors.

Q.9 How can I ensure that I get the same counsellor every time?

The best way is to take prior appointment. However, if its urgent, then you are welcome to approach whoever is available in that particular slot. All the Counsellors are qualified & trained professionals.

Q.10 What if I don’t want to go for Counselling anymore?

Before you decide to stop going for Counselling, please inform the Counsellor about your decision. If you wish to go to another Counsellor, that’s absolutely fine too.



Buddy System

Is a creative and effective approach to train the students in certain skills to identify peers who may be in need of psychological help. The students voluntarily sign up for the Buddy System, after which they are trained in basic counselling skills. The presence of Buddies helps students overcome their reluctance to approach Counsellors and increase their awareness on Counselling.

Beyond that, the Buddies also help the Counselling Centre in organizing various student events and programmes.

Stress Buster

One of the most popular events organized by the Counselling Centre for the students. The Stress Buster programme is held usually in the months prior to the Semester-end examinations in January/February. It is usually spread over two to three days, with lot of activities organized for the students to help them relax and let the steam off before the exam preparation starts.

Lectures & Workshops

The Counselling Centre organizes lectures, and workshops on various topics under mental health like suicide prevention, relationship issues (Consent, Abuse, Quirks, Boundaries, etc.), Academic Stress, to name a few. The Counsellors also deliver lecture or conduct workshops for specific Schools if required. 

Mental Health Week

The students of Psychology organize a mental health week titled as “Mind Matters” for the entire campus. The “Mind Matters” week packs series of programs like movie screening, round-table discussions, short plays, games and other activities around mental health, psychological disorders, therapies, treatment, etc. The objective of “Mind Matters” is to bring the focus on the importance of mental health in our lives, initiate conversations & discussions that lead to an increase in awareness about mental health, reduce stigma around seeking help for mental health issues.


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