Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research

About Us


The Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR) is an independent research centre at TISS Mumbai. It was established in February 2015 to engage with and promote innovation in the school curriculum, teacher education and higher education curriculum and pedagogy. The Centre provides incubation and promotion of innovations that address the needs of Indian education and engages with innovative use of new technologies and media to raise relevance, quality and standards of education. Towards this, the Centre collaborates and engages with research, development, teaching and field action.

A new initiative, the Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education in partnership with TATA TRUSTS proposes to engage with teaching, research, policy advocacy and collaboration to revitalise the sector of teacher education in India.

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) is a flagship field initiative of the CEIAR, seeded by Tata Trusts and led collaboratively by TISS and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. CLIx has been created to provide young people from under-served communities opportunities for participation in quality education offerings through the meaningful integration of technology. It works in four Indian states, namely Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana in government high schools of select districts. Research activities and collaborations around CLIx aim to nurture a pool of professionals from the fields of education, technology and science. (http://clix.tiss.edu).