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Welcome to Educational Resource Centre! Main purpose of this page is to promote the use of educational resources (both digital and physical) in our classrooms. This page is useful for teachers, students, parents and whoever is interested in using educational resources. We are offering links to various digital resources, annotated lists of selected physical and digital resources, videos on some of the resources, useful literature around resources and announcements of our upcoming public events. We would also like to hear from you about your experiences and queries.

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Latest Offerings

Please watch the following video to see a tutorial on using one of the resources.


More such videos are available here: erc-tutorials-on-educational-resources.

Educational Design: We offer Educational Design course/workshop to teachers, educators, curriculum designers and introduce to “Design Thinking”  methodology for creating meaningful, pedagogically valid teaching-learning resources. The workshop/course aims to help participants: (1) Challenge their assumptions and discover new ways of exploring, creating and curating tools and resources for addressing teaching-learning problems. There is focus on analysing their own context and identifying affordances and limitations of digital learning therein. (2) Engage in constructing and repurposing lesson plans that can be implemented/taught using constructivist pedagogies and pedagogy content knowledge (PCK)


We arrange various seminars, workshops, courses etc. for teachers, educational researchers and everyone interested in education. Here are the upcoming events.

Links and/or reports of the earlier reports are available here: erc-events-archive

School Synergy Seminars
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Physical Resources
Educational resources or Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) can provide a great way to engage students with difficult concepts in an interesting way. If students are given a chance to explore a well designed TLM they usually learn enough to understand the content in a much deeper way. Teachers need to ensure that students are learning the intended concept and then formalize the knowledge gained by students by providing terms and formulae and so on. Well designed resources lend themselves well to constructive pedagogies. Teachers can always prepare resources of their use but some resources are prepared by experts in the field and tried and tested over years. This page lists some of the physical resources along with their basic information. You are welcome to visit ERC to explore these resources or you can watch videos if such videos are available. You can buy some of the resources for your school if such budgets are available or you can make some of the resources yourself for your classroom. Here is a list of some of the most useful resources.


Sr No Accession Number Book Name Author Name
1 B00001 Learning to Communicate (Enrichment Reader 1) Ram S K/Mason J A
2 B00002 Learning to Communicate (Enrichment Reader 2) Ram S K/Mason J A
3 B00003 Learning to Communicate (Enrichment Reader 3) Ram S K/Mason J A
4 B00004 Learning to Communicate (Enrichment Reader 4) Ram S K/Mason J A
5 B00005 Learning to Communicate (Enrichment Reader 1) Ram S K/Mason J A

More details can be found here 

Physical Resources 

 Sr No  Accession Number  Title  Description
 1  TLM0001  Wooden Block Sets  Wooden toys, building blocks for children, for firemotor skills, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, problem solving
 2  TLM0002  Currency Game  To improve cooperative competetion
 3  TLM0003  Rangometry  Different plastic shapes for different colors
 4  TLM0004  Chowka Bara Bode Game (Kevade) Ancient dine game consisting of cowrie shells, brain teaser, Ecofriendly toy, mostly for recreational purpose
 5  TLM0005  Number balance   Teaching aid for number concepts, especially fractions

 More details can be found here

For more books and resources please visit: erc-physical-resources

List of resources is here:


Digital Resources

With advancement in digital technology and increasing availability of computers and smartphones digital educational resources have become another key area which all teachers should be aware of to teach their subject. In fact knowledge about the digital educational resources, best way to use them and their advantages and limitations is known as ‘technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK). TPCK is considered an essential aspect of teachers’ knowledge by some researchers. Here we are listing some of the main portals where you can find useful resources. 

MIT and other universities

It is important to remember that not all digital resources lend themselves to constructivist pedagogies. Our own digital resources are designed by researchers in education where active learning is encouraged along with collaboration and authentic context for students.

CLIx - https://clixoer.tiss.edu
COOL resources on tissx

If you are interested in research and reports on digital learning, educational technology or TPCK, here is some key literature on this topic. 

UNESCO-MGIEP. (2019). Rethinking Pedagogy: Exploring the Potential of Digital Technology in Achieving Quality Education.

Retrieved from



Newsletters and Magazines
Here are links of some magazines or periodicals.

For Teachers

Riyaz: Riyaz is a magazine brought out by CEIAR and School of Education (TISS, Mumbai). It features the contributions of students and staff to express their experiences and thoughts in the area of education. Its objectives are to promote discussions about different aspects of education and to inculcate articulating and writing habits among students.

Teacher Plus
Contemporary Educational Dialogue
शिक्षा विमर्ष

For Children

Teachers’ Tab
Here are some videos/ text videos sent by teachers

For more videos visit:

Please fill this google form to share your experiences or questions. You can also send your short videos to ---@clix.tiss.edu