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Education Resource Centre


The Educational Resource Centre at CEIAR, TISS is visualised as a space for the professional development of teachers, student teachers and faculty of education. It is meant to create a common forum wherein practitioners take responsibility for their own professional development. We recognise that learning is socially constructed and takes place through interaction with others and the ERC aims to provide opportunities for such interactions.



Through this Resource Centre, we aim to provide a common platform for practising and prospective teachers as well as teacher educators and create synergy among teacher education institutions and neighbouring schools.

The Resource Centre will be open to interested teachers and their students from neighbourhood schools, students of B.Ed, M.Ed, MA Education, faculty of teacher education institutes and scholars pursuing research in education.



The School Synergy Workshops Initiative

The School Synergy Workshops initiative was inaugurated on 9th November, 2019 at the Old Conference Hall, TISS campus. Ruchi Kumar, Assistant Professor, welcomed the audience. Prof Mythili Ramchand spoke in detail about the objectives and activities of the initiative.

The aim of the School Synergy is to engage meaningfully and in a sustained manner with neighborhood schools to improve students learning, academic development of schools and professional development of teachers.

The following activities are offered as part of this initiative:

  • Sessions for teachers once a month at TISS campus
  • Visits/Field attachment for our MA Education students
  • Teacher learning centre at TISS which will include free subscriptions to collaborating schools, and
  • Membership of the institution’s integrated educational resource center

This workshop series, held on every Saturday and has been designed primarily for school teachers; other benefactors can be Teacher Educators from different institutes and pupil-teachers.The inauguration was followed by a workshop  by Prof Simon Thompson (University of Sussex) on ‘Differentiated Instruction’ for school teachers.

Among the many activities held at the ERC, the School Synergy Workshops and the Synergy with Teacher Education Institutions feature prominently. 


  1. ‘Differentiated Instruction for School Teachers’ by Professor Simon Thompson, University of Sussex on on Nov 9, 2019
  2. ‘Selecting and Using Resources for Mathematics Teaching’ by Dr Ruchi Kumar on Nov. 23, 2019
  3. ‘Discovery Learning with the Foldscope’ by Rafikh Shaikh on Nov. 30, 2019
  4. ‘Using and Exploring CLIx Open Education Resources’ by Sayan B on Dec. 7, 2019
  5. ‘Assessment in Language Classrooms - Designing Rubric based Assessment and Feedback for Language Learning’ by Anusha Ramanathan on Dec. 14, 2019
  6. ‘Fractions in Elementary school Mathematics’ by Dr Ruchi Kumar on Dec 21, 2019
  7. Mindful reading for Mindful Teaching by Jennifer Thomas on Feb 28, 2020

Synergy with Teacher Education Institutions

‘Excellence in Teacher Education : Ideas and Practice Exchange’

The School Synergy Initiative seeks to build an active collaboration with teacher education institutions in Mumbai. Interactive sessions of two hour duration each are conducted once a month for student teachers. Each interactive sesssion seeks to revolve around selected themes and comprise of perspective building around the resources followed by discussion and exploration of the resources.

Among the activities planned are Gaming, Children’s literature, Understanding creative writing, Misconceptions with regard to topics in Science, Maths, Social studies, Policies and practices in teacher education, Equity, Social justice and Inclusion, Quality in education, Research writing, Material design and development. The activities are held at the Educational Resource Centre (ERC). The ERC also holds reading seminars and other activities/themes as per the needs and demands of the student teachers.

The following sessions have been conducted under the School Synergy Initiative -

1. Understanding Creative Writing: Representing Ideas by Dr Nishevitha Jayendran on Jan 15, 2020

2. ‘Game design in learning’ by Ms Punam Medh on Dec 11, 2019



3. ‘Active learning in Mathematics’ by Ms Bindu Thirumalai on Nov 13, 2019



A total of 81 participants from four teacher education institutions in Mumbai have participated in these sessions.


Multimedia resources for online mathematics teaching


Teaching ecosystem to secondary school students using digital module.

Developing Mathematics thinking using Spreadsheet.


The classroom for social and emotional learning.