Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research

Roundtable, Symposium and Seminars

1. Round Table on In-service Teacher Professional development: Perspectives and Possibilities

During the two days of roundtable, participants from diverse backgrounds—ranging from teachers, academicians, researchers and people working in the area of in-service teacher education in NGOs—shared their perspectives and experiences about in-service teacher education. They engaged in a reflective dialogue, sharing experiences and perspectives on how to move from “working on teachers” to “working with teachers”. In the process, a critical understanding of the cultural myths of being and becoming a teacher was also developed.

The roundtable was aimed at providing a platform for sharing experiences in the use of ‘alternative’ models of teacher development and explore the diversity in thoughts about teacher knowledge, material development, teacher identity and motivation. The rich and stimulating discussions that ensued as a result of experience-sharing, challenges, questions, failures, learnings and possible theoretical models laid the ground for the rather ambitious task of working ‘with’ teachers for their and our own professional development. Over the two days, individuals and groups who have worked in the in-service space at different sites, employing a range of media and pedagogic forms, shared their reflections and ideas for teacher development that evolved through—and were guided by—the work with teachers, as well as the possibilities that appear worth pursuing in future courses of action.