Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research


 Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teacher Education (CSSTE)

 The Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teacher Education (CSSTE) is a unique contribution of the 7th Plan (1985-92) of the Government of India, following the National Policy on Education 1986. The scheme aims to strengthen and upgrade teacher education through the development of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) and to enhance the quality of teacher education at all levels for pre and inservice.

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State of School Management Committees: The study of SMCs in 4 States of India

The objective of the study was to assess the effectiveness of school management committees in schools where interventions of Save the Children organization are taking place. The study sought to engage in detail with the selected schools and capture the diversity in the provisions, roles and functioning of SMCs in different schools. It also identified the best practices of SMCs in the intervention schools and recommends ideas or strategies for the improvements of SMCs. The study also attempted to bring out the differences in the functioning of SMCs in control schools and intervention schools.

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