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About Us

The Centre for Library and Information Management Studies (CLIMS), offers Masters, PG Diploma and Ph.D programmes in Library and Information Science field. Master's programme in Library and Information Science (MLIS) is being offered since 2013 with an intake of 15 students. PG Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management (PGDLIM) was launched in 2010 with intake of 25 students and currently in the sixth year. The Ph.D programme is being offered since 2012 and currently 22 research scholars are pursuing Ph.D in library science in the centre including three international students from Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand.

The CLIMS will provide extensive training in modern library administration, classification and ontology, cataloguing and metadata, digital libraries, content creation and management, web based information services, etc. Besides an excellent academic exposure, the students are also provided a unique learning experience, through practical based lab sessions and field based internships. The students will be able to develop a strong orientation towards research, analysis and practice and will be trained to perform in any sector like academic and research libraries, corporate libraries and information centres, publishers and content providers, NGOs, School, Public libraries etc.

Centre has established academic and research exchange collaborations with London School of Economics, UK, Mahasarakham University, Thailand, Indian Statistical Institute, DRTC, Bangalore and Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Gandhinagar.

1. Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS):

The Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S.) programme comprises of 15 disciplinary core courses, 1 compulsory foundation, 1 elective foundation, 1 open elective, 1 disciplinary elective, 1 internship programme, and a dissertation for 66 credits in four semesters.

The MLIS programme incorporates theory and practicals that include concepts from foundations to new and emerging library trends like digital libraries, knowledge management, content creation and management, classification, cataloguing and metadata, information seeking and research behaviors, etc over the four semesters of the programme. Fieldwork that begins in the second semester is supervised by fieldwork supervisors and faculty from the CLIMS. The MLIS research has covered diverse areas , such as, scientometric based studies, digital library applications, content management systems, information literacy, etc.

Courses: The courses are conducted through lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions. The courses that require hands-on-experience are held at the Library and terminal room, which is well equipped with the state-of-the-art systems with internet access.

Internship: In the first year, students are placed on month long internship at a major university library to learn in real situations. This helps them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations under the supervision of a faculty and field supervisor and enhance their understanding and problem solving.

Research: Each student compulsorily takes up a research project and works for an year under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. This will have his/her research skills honed. This helps student to read the new trends in library and information sciences. Student focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the issue/problem chosen and places emphasis on providing recommendations for implementing action plans. Some of the major areas of research attempted by students are: Web 2.0 and education, digital preservation of manuscripts, metadata harvesting, cataloguing and resource discovery, Open Access and Intellectual property rights, etc.

2. P G Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management (PGDLIM):

PG Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management (PGDLIM) was the first academic programme launched by SDTM Library in 2010 with intake of 25 students. This is one year, two semester dual mode course with 36 credits. It is being offered through a combination of contact classes and online learning thorough Moodle learning platform. Selection is through interview process. Currently the programme is in its seventh year and being offered through Centre for Library and Information Management Studies (CLIMS). This programme is recognised by the Distance Education Board of University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

Programme Description:

The contact classes (12 days ) are held twice at Mumbai campus of TISS during October/November and then again during May/June. Teaching –learning in the rest of the days will be carried out based on planned weekly readings and regular assignments, primarily through web-based medium like Moodle.