Centre for Lifelong Learning


Field Practicum provides an opportunity for students to integrate theory with practice. It is here that the experiential nature of the learning process comes to life as students have the opportunity to test out in ‘reality’, the relevance and applicability of knowledge, values and skills obtained in the classroom. Thus the Field Practicum enables students to undergo the complete Experiential Learning Cycle by moving from the ‘concrete act of doing’ to ‘making observations’ for ‘reflection’ and ‘developing insights’ to decide on ‘action plans’ that once again can be verified in the real world for effective practice.

Further, it offers avenues for reviewing the quality of interventions in the practice arena along with the opportunity for examining one’s own knowledge, values and competency in a practical setting.The list of Collaborations are: A revised list will be put in here.

The settings will cover schools, child guidance clinics, psychiatric clinics, career counselling centres, family counselling centres, adoption agencies, drug rehabilitation facilities, disability rehabilitation settings, Senior citizens home, NGOS working with Youth and Adolescents, Education etc.

Field Work will include supervised placements of students in diverse setting to enable them to do use their learnings with diverse client groups (individually and in groups). A continuous performance assessment of the student will take place through student recordings and supervisory reports from field supervisors. There will be a mid- Field Work review and feedback as well as a final evaluation of student performance guided by prescribed assessment tools.