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The Centre for Studies in Sociology of Education (CSSE) was established in 1970 as a sequel to the 'Field Studies in Sociology of Education’ carried out for the Education Commission 1964-66. The Centre is devoted to research, teaching and extension activities in the field of sociology of education guided by concerns of equality and social justice. It specialises in research that provides critical and reflective understandings of the social role of education, with a focus on issues of social inequality, cultural marginalization and equitable social development. Wider theoretical perspectives rooted in conflict, feminist, interactionist, post-colonial, inter-sectional theory and critical epistemology are explored to deepen understanding of the linkages between the structures of power and educational development. Current research areas of centre faculty include structures and processes of gender, caste, class, tribe and ethnicity, minority issues in education, the politics of knowledge systems in the context of plural epistemologies and hegemonic processes of colonialism/neo - colonialism.



Prof. Ranu Jain (Chairperson)
Prof. Leena Abraham


Teaching Programme

Integrated M.Phil/Ph.D in Social Sciences with specialisation in Sociology of Education (2016) [ Download ]

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