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At CETE students are a key stakeholder and partner in acheiving centres vision and activities. The centre offers an inclusive environment to support students' comprehensive well being and provides avenues to express themselves and take initiatives that help them grow as educational professionals. The student community at the centre comprises of students from,
1. Long term programmes: BEd-MEd, MA Education and PhD
2. Short term programmes: offered on https://www.tissx.tiss.edu as part of TISS Nirantar initiative for

Support & facilities available for students at CETE

1. Academic support: Academic writing workshops; dissertation support workshops

2. Financial support: Need based financial assistance is provided to deserving students.

3. Facilities: The centre offers various facilities for students such as,

3.1 RACHANA Educational Resource Centre & Design Lab provides a workshop hall equipped with audio-visual devices. It also offers a library of books, repository of teaching-learning material and a virtual educational resource centre.

3.2 ICTs, educational software and devices: The centre provides a range of ICT applications and devices as well as research softwares to help students in their research and academic course work.

3.3 Studio and graphic design: The centre also houses a media studio and offers need based support to students.

Please contact the secretariate should you need any support. 


Game Boards at the CETE


Students engaged in discussion at RACHANA ERC


Students' Activities at CETE

रिyaz - The student periodical 

रिyaz (pronounced as Riyaz) is a magazine brought out by CETE and School of Education at TISS, Mumbai. It features the contributions of students and staff to express their experiences and thoughts in the area of education. Its objectives are to promote discussions about different aspects of education and to inculcate articulating and writing habits among students.


रिyaz Volume 5

Issue 1 October 2023


रिyaz Volume 4:

Issue 1 June 2023


रिyaz Volume 3:

Issue 1 November 2021

Issue 2 February 2022


रिyaz Volume 2

Issue 1 November & December 2020

Issue 2 April 2021


रिyaz Volume 1:

Issue 1 August 2019 

Issue 2 September 2019

Issue 3 October & November 2019

Issue 4 December 2019 & January 2020

2. Students Meet

An annual research focused event, collaboratively organised by students from all courses at the centre to discuss student concerns, create a space for support and mutual learning among the diverse student community at the Institute with rich intellectual engagements and work experiences. In addition, the event brings together academicians from formal institutions in India and beyond; practitioners in the field of civil and education rights of marginalised groups; and students from different universities and TISS campuses to deliberate on issues concerning social science research and its practices, emerging methodologies and learn from skill based workshops.

Student Meet 1 (2020) - Report

Student Meet 2 (2021) - Report 

Class Representatives for odd semester:

BEd-MEd Sem-I: Palak Upadhyay

BEd-MEd Sem-III : Indu Mary John

BEd-MEd Sem-V : Jonathan George Koshie

MA Education Sem-I : Smriti Chawla

MA Education Sem-III: Deepak


Placement Brochure

We are elated to announce the commencement of the Placements for the M.A. Education and the B.Ed-M.Ed. This cohort comprises of students who are education experts in theory and practice. The field of education needs professionals with the capacity to develop curriculum, train teachers, conduct evidenced-based research to influence education policies and practices, administer educational institutions, and provide leadership and advocacy in achieving educational goals. 

For any further queries please email- tiss.cete.placements@stud.tiss.edu

Alternatively, fill out this Google form with your requirements: https://bit.ly/CETE_Placements_Org2022

Contact our student placement representatives:

Varya Singh - 8130261999 (President)

Krishnakanth - 9400095145 (President)

Read the placement brochure here

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