International Relations Office

Outgoing Faculty Exchange Programmes

  1. IRO follows an open application and selection process for faculty exchange programmes. 
  2. The details of the exchange programmes are advertised at least 1-6 months in advance depending on the intimation from the host university. 
  3. The advertisement for the same is forwarded by the IRO to faculty email id of all the campuses/ or as per the exchange requirements. 
  4. The faculty exchange notifications are re-advertised two additional times in case of non-availability of suitable applications. 
  5. Interested Faculty members are requested to submit duly completed application with all the related documents to IRO before the deadline.
  6. Interested Faculty member must have passport at the time of application 
  7. In the selection process, preference will be given to young faculty members who have not visited any Foreign University for academic purposes under any exchange Programmes/ seminars/ workshops/ conferences
  8. The IRO Internal Committee in consultation with the Director shall select/short-list the faculty member based on the received applications. 
  9. The IRO Internal Committee will review the application and make the decision. However, the Director of the Institute shall remain the final authority and approve the short-listed/selected candidates by the IRO Internal Committee. 
  10. Director may overrule the decision of the IRO Internal Committee and suggest alternative candidates. 
  11. Part-time faculty members/ ad-hoc faculty members working for less than three years in TISS will not be considered under the faculty exchange programme. 
  12. Temporary faculty members working for less than three years in TISS will not be considered under the faculty exchange programme.
  13. Faculty members who have visited other universities under IRO exchange programmes in last three years from the date of completion of the earlier exchange are not eligible to apply.
  14. Interested faculty members need to contact IRO for any queries or doubts regarding the exchange programme.
  15. The interested faculty members have to be from the same academic/ research/ subject background – as per the advertised notification. 
  16. After selection, it is the responsibility of the respective faculty member to contact and plan their programme with the host university coordinator in consultation with IRO. 
  17. IRO will introduce the selected faculty member to the coordinators at the host university and if needed facilitate the logistics of travel/insurance/visa etc.
  18. It is the sole responsibility of the faculty member to apply for leave/take formal permissions from the head of the department/dean/chairperson/director/personnel section to gain permissions and relevant documents for visa application process. 
  19. IRO will not entertain any requests to procure/process any such leave/permission. 
  20. No Objection letters from the Institute on behalf of the concerned faculty member has to be arranged by the selected faculty. 
  21. The selected faculty members have to compulsorily complete the planned activities at the host University and submit a brief report to IRO. 
  22. They will be asked to present their experiences and activities undertaken during exchange programme in front of the senior panel at TISS. 
  23. In case the exchange is fully funded by the Host University, the selected faculty cannot ask for any other financial support from IRO 
  24. In-case, any faculty draws advance from IRO to support their exchange visit, they have to compulsorily settle the budget within 15 days of the completion of the exchange programme. 
  25. A penal interest of 10.7% per day will be charged for any late payment – post the completion of 15 days of return. 
  26. In case the exchange is partially funded, IRO will provide partial travel support according to the Financial assistance slabs approved by the competent authority. 
  27. Outgoing faculty members have to submit any documents/ reports and visiting cards collected during the exchange to IRO for further strengthening the partnership 
  28. For exchange programmes, where Outgoing faculty receives an honorarium for teaching/ conducting classes, that are separate from accommodation, living expenses, travel expenses, the 80% of the honorarium amount to be returned to IRO/ TISS. 
  29. Outgoing faculty members have to arrange for currency exchange or international debit/ forex and sim cards on their own. The International calling charges will be borne by the concerned faculty and will not be covered under any exchange Independent or otherwise. 
  30. No request for reimbursement of the unbudgeted/ non - approved items will be entertained. 
  31. Since outgoing faculty receives salary during their exchange programme, they will not be paid any per-diem or get the salary from host University.