International Relations Office

Customized Short-Term Study in India Program (CSIP)

The IRO facilitates Short-term Customized Study in India Programmes for students and faculty members of foreign universities in collaboration with faculty members located in different Schools/Centre at the Institute or independently through IRO. Usually, a Customized SIP comprises of several lectures based and theme(s) based classroom teaching sessions, field visits, field placements etc. These Programmes are often tailored to the requirement of the foreign universities/ participants. The duration of the programme is quite flexible and at present, it ranges from 01 weeks to 04 weeks.

The incoming Universities/ Institutions can either be a partner University (coming through formal MoU) or potential partner University (Non-MoU) or is part of a project supported by third party/ funding agency. All CSIP programmes are academic in nature, any cultural events and exposure will have to be independently planned by the group – outside the campus. In case there are any on-campus events (cultural/ non-cultural) – these will be informed to the respective incoming coordinators as per programme schedule/duration. The following procedures are followed for conducting a CSIP at TISS:

  • Upon receiving the request for CSIP from a foreign university, the TISS faculty members and staff get in touch with IRO regarding the programme as all international academic/non-academic programmes/ collaborations at TISS are required to be channelized through IRO.
  • If this request is received directly by IRO, the IRO team will assist the incoming group with all the rules and procedures for conducting the CSIP.
  • IRO provides the needed assistance towards facilitating the travel of incoming students and faculty/staff members of the programme by issuing invitation letters for VISA, arranging accommodation, on-campus arrangements and travel facilities etc.
  • The incoming students visiting TISS under CSIP have to come on 'Students visa', as mandated and required by the Government of India unless stated otherwise depending on the duration of the programme.
  • Some incoming groups need FRRO registration based on the Visa granted/ period of stay in India.
  • TISS has limited on-campus accommodation for visiting faculty/staff and students from foreign countries. However, these facilities remain in high demand and prior booking (2-3 months before the visit) is often needed to secure on-campus accommodation. IRO will try to ensure that for all Customized programmes, the groups have the possibility to stay on-campus.
  • The on-campus meals are arranged in the guest-house dining hall/ common dining hall based on requirements and request from the incoming universities or as per the mutually approved budget.
  • All the arrangements made during the programme will be based on the requests received and based on logistical availablity. No end minute requests will be entertained.
  • The incoming University/ group will be responsible for payment of all on-campus/ off-campus facilities and services used by them during the programme period. This will be charged to them on actual basis - based on the usage.
  • Any specific arrangements/ requirements have to be communicated to IRO in advance.
  • End minute cancellation for any on-campus/ off-campus facilities will be chargeable. This needs to be communicated at least 24 hrs in advance (food/ transport/ classroom/ visit to agency or any other logistical arrangements) to facilitate timely cancelation.
  • As mandated, all the budget regarding the international programmes at TISS is prepared by IRO. The the IRO facilitation charge on any such programmes is 25% over and above the total budget/ proposed expenses.
  • Apart from the 25% administrative costs, the incoming students for Customized programmes will pay tuition fees of US$ 250 per week/ student for programmes with TISS inputs/ teaching/ field visits. Whereas, programmes that do not need TISS faculty engagement will pay US$ 50 per week/ student.
  • There will be no fees charged for Faculty Development/ Capacity Building programmes for Faculty members/ staff.
  • After the submission of the tentative budget, the incoming Universities have to make payment of 50% as advance amount (out of the total sanctioned budget), before the commencement of the programme.
  • The final invoice will be prepared – post the completion of the programme based on the actuals. Any costs that were not budgeted will be charged extra in the final Invoice.
  • If needed, a separate agreement/ addendum to the current MoU can be drawn to support the planned CSIP programme.
  • All incoming students/ faculty have to provide IRO with a copy of their passport and issued visa along with any other information requested from IRO.
  • IRO will arrange for a Student Coordinator for the CSIP programme based on the number of students for the programme days.
  • IRO pays the honorarium to the field agencies/ faculty members/ resource persons/ student coordinators helping with the programme as per approved IRO Financial Matrix.
  • The final payment for the programme should be processed to IRO within 45 days – post the completion of the programme and submission of IRO final invoice. Any other taxes will be applicable to the incoming group based on the arrangements as per the GOI rules and regulations.
  • Any request to retain bills/ requirement of a detailed statement/ banking transactions/ reporting format/ bank statement has to be communicated well in advance (during the planning of the programme).
  • All students have to make the final presentation on the last day of the programme reflecting on their learnings and experiences during the Customized programme.
  • IRO will provide Grade/ programme Completion Certificate as per the mutual agreement with the Home University.