International Relations Office

Support/ Facilities and Services

Support for Incoming Guests

  • Pre–Arrival Orientation
  • Providing Visa/ Invitation and Acceptance letters and also providing visa support by contacting Embassy and Ministry
  • Arranging On-campus Accommodation in IRO hostels/ IRO Flats and assistance with off- campus accommodation (For Full-time Students)
  • Organizing Airport transfers
  • Orientation Upon Arrival:
  • Providing Identity cards/ Email Id/ assistance for Sim Card/ Campus Map/ Map of Mumbai etc
  • Registration with the Police and FRRO and respective Govt. Authortiy
  • Welcome Lunch/ Get Together – for introduction and assilimation 
  • Campus Orientation and in and around the city
  • Mumbai Sight Seeing
  • Connecting students with respective Schools/ Secretariats;
  • Registering students for Courses/ planning their academic programme/ visits/ sessions
  • Identifying Faculty mentor(s)/ supervisor(s)/ key faculty contact persons as per individual requirements
  • Facilitating Field Placement for International students through locating agencies/ connecting them with Fieldwork secretariat.
  • Identifying translators/ interpreters for international students
  • Encouraging participation in Cultural events & programmes,
  • Providing Guidance, Mentoring and Crisis Management
  • Regular Meetings and interaction with the International Students
  • Organizing Hindi Language classes
  • Providing them with Transcripts/ Certificate of Attendance (for Short-term Students)
  • Providing support for visa extension/ passport renewal etc
  • Coordinating with different on-campus departments and offices to address any problems/ resolve issues encountered by international students.
  • Any Other assistance needed from IRO to support their stay and visit  

Support to Outgoing Students, Staff and Faculty

  • Advertisement of Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes – Across Campuses.
  • Conducting Double Layered Selection process for the selection of TISS students for Outgoing Exchange Programmes.
  • Pre - Departure Orientation.
  • Providing Visa/ Passport Support letters to outgoing students/ faculty/ staff.
  • Coordinating with international partners to arrange logistics and accommodation for outgoing Students/ Staff & Faculty Members.
  • Support with Ticket booking/ Visa application process.
  • Provide Financial Assistance/ Advance to enable them to complete the exchange programme.
  • Provide Partial Financial Support for certain Exchange Programmes that are not fully funded.
  • Connecting students with previous exchange students/ faculty and staff;
  • Regular Meetings with the Outgoing Students before departure
  • Facilitation with currency exchange , international planning 
  • Coordination with respective schools and secretariats to facilitate semester exchange without affecting course requirements at TISS
  • Continuous contact and monitoring from IRO during exchange
  • Preparing Grade Conversion/ draft Transcripts for outgoing students
  • Processing Transcript to support final 
  • Any other support required to support the Outgoing Student and Faculty

IRO has been successfully managing these activities at the Institute for more than a decade now, and has been actively sharing ongoing, planned and future activities with students and academic staff on regular basis. The institute has witnessed a tremendous growth in the incoming students and faculty members and we have been overwhelmed by this interest which shows that we can create a welcoming and integrating international environment.